LP Dashboard 6.0

New Version of Lightning Pick’s Dashboard Software features several exciting new data views and capabilities for increased process visibility.


LP Dashboard Version 6.0 enables any executive, manager or supervisor to easily view pick rate productivity, accuracy, throughput and other vital activities in their order fulfillment or manufacturing operations through one ‘centralized’ software application. Lightning Pick customers can see real-time, updated KPIs with drill-down granularity for Facility, Area, Zone and Employee level views.

The Dashboard’s rich graphical interface offers drag and drop Widgets, enabling custom template views of your performance data. Version 6.0 of Dashboard has significantly expanded features and capabilities including:

  • Marquee Mode – Automatic slide-show style display of multiple user-configured Templates.
  • XPS Document Display Capability – LP Dashboard now has a new Widget that can display an XPS document. This is now the easiest way for users to display custom, user-created information in LP Dashboard. Simply create your message (HR Meeting in the lunchroom at 3:00) via Word, PowerPoint, etc. and save it as an XPS document. Then copy it to the XPS folder on the Lightning Pick server and tell LP Dashboard the name of your file. It will now display every time your Widget comes up on the screen.
  • Web Page Display – Allows you to include Internet data in LP Dashboard. This includes weather, sports, stocks, company data, etc.
  • Several new Widgets that display enhanced picker productivity data
  • Additional new Pack-to-Light (also called Put-to-Light or Put-to-Store) specific Widgets.
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