Pick-to-Light for Manufacturing

man using pick-to-light to pick components for assembly and manufacturing

Lighting up lean manufacturing.

Pick-to-light is an ideal poka-yoke (error proofing) device for reducing errors and defects in production processes. Lights direct operators to the correct parts and quantities, in the correct sequential steps, as required for the active bill of materials (BOM). The Lightning Pick methodology also eliminates wasted touches common to paper-based material handling approaches.

Lightning Pick optimizes parts selection in mini-markets, supermarkets, warehouses and other dedicated parts storage areas so the right parts are sequenced to the production line at the right time. Our light-directed systems also reduce mistakes (and their associated costs) in kitting and assembly workstations.

Lightning Pick offers manufacturers distinct solution paths, each engineered to best meet different application sizes, requirements and levels of complexity.

touchless pick confirmation light module with photo eye

Pick-to-Light (LP Pick)

This solution utilizes the full Lightning Pick software product, fully integrated with customers’ manufacturing resource planning (MRP), enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management system (WMS), manufacturing execution system (MES), or other host system. LP Pick is ideal for manufacturing environments with a high number of product configurations, frequently changing configurations or other, more complex processes where complete system data integration is required.

Read more about LP Pick.
Pick-by-light Build2Light workstation


A complete pick-to-light package, including enabling software. Build2Light uses the same best-in-class hardware as our flagship LP Pick, but is offered as a standalone solution without a host system interface. It enables users to easily configure their own part specific builds and best practice light-directed procedures. With low cost of entry pricing, Build2Light is an ideal Proof of Concept pilot system providing a rapid ROI.

Visit the Build2Light.com site.
Lightning Pick Pickman

Special Features

  • All of Lightning Pick’s products utilize the same hardware catalog of light device features and options.
  • All hardware series are fully interoperable, as they share the same proven hardware architecture.
  • Available photo-eye sensor models provide light curtain, touchless task confirmation — popular in manufacturing applications.
  • Light module series options allow for easy mounting on flat or curved surfaces, such as tubular rack.
  • Optional image viewer option adds an LCD monitor mounted in the work area to display part images, assembly instructions, tool tips and more.

Video: 3 Quick Demonstrations of Pick-to-Light

► Pick-to-Light for Three Different Types of Manufacturing Applications

There are many different ways to use light-directed technology for manufacturing-related processes. Learn more by watching this short video.

This proven technology is highly adaptable and has a low cost to entry.

Video: Build2Light Demo

► Pick-to-Light for Manufacturing Demonstration

Lightning Pick’s Build2Light is a complete pick-to-light solution to error-proof parts picking, kitting, assembly, sequencing and other material handling operations in production environments.

Pick to light and scanner for white paper called Lightning Up the Lean Supply Chain

Lighting Up the Lean Supply Chain

► The Growing Adoption of Pick-to-Light in Manufacturing

Modern Materials Handling magazine conducted a survey to examine how manufacturing operations are adopting order fulfillment technologies to increase productivity and quality within production processes.

pick-to-light with conveyor for Raynor garage door manufacturing

Commercial & Residential Garage Doors and Openers

► Raynor Garage Door Case Study

This Dixon, Illinois-based manufacturer faced an important challenge in their distribution center: how to consolidate 12 parts picking lines into one, while also increasing performance and accuracy? Some other automated picking applications (like carousels) were considered, but Raynor selected a pick-to-light system to meet their unique requirements.


Standalone Pick-to-Light System for Manufacturing

► Build2Light Data Sheet

Build2Light™ is a complete pick-to-light (also frequently referred to as pick-by-light or build-to-light) solution engineered to error-proof parts picking, kitting, assembly, sequencing and other material handling operations. The system guides operators to the correct parts and tasks with light-directed picking.


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