Software Innovation

The proactive order fulfillment execution software.

Our solutions are driven by the powerful Lightning Pick order fulfillment and pick-to-light software. The Management Console provides complete control to quickly add products and locations, change staffing and work zones, expedite hot orders, access real-time productivity statistics, verify order volumes and monitor all system activities. Advanced data management capabilities provide easy manipulation of your business intelligence and reporting needs. 

Host Interface Experience

Lightning Pick has proven interfaces with a wide range of enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management system (WMS), manufacturing execution system (MES) and other business host software systems. We can create reliable integration, proven performance and a low total cost of ownership whether you have a tier one product, a custom home-grown application or anything in between.

pick to light software dashboard example screenshot

LP Dashboard

Advanced applications, like LP Dashboard, provide a centralized tool set to view real-time productivity statistics within your Lightning Pick controlled areas. See performance data for facility-, area-, zone- and employee-level views. The Dashboard also accepts outside data sources for company news, video feeds and other useful information.

pick to light software screenshot of warehouse operations manager with alerts

System Self-Health Check

Lightning Pick is the material handling industry’s only proactive pick-to-light solution. Optimize your order fulfillment process with the one pick-to-light system that calls your mobile device with important order status information, emails product location inventory alerts, or notifies you of any mission critical events and activities in your Lightning Pick areas.

Lightning Pick mobile app photo of menu

LP Mobile App

Lightning Pick’s mobile pick-to-light app empowers your smart phone to manage your paperless picking systems on the go.  Lightning Pick Mobile App is a cross-platform web app, providing real-time updates on pick rates, area overviews, order status and more. Plus you can change work plans, examine order details or box contents from wherever you have an Android smart phone and internet access.

Lightning Pick Pickman

Software Features

  • Labor productivity
  • Event notification
  • Decision support
  • Mobile computing
  • Data warehousing
  • Workforce planning
Lightning Pick Microsoft Partner

A Microsoft-Certified Partner.

Lightning Pick’s advanced application design leverages the best in Microsoft technologies to provide a revolutionary software framework. This simplifies your light-directed application’s integration, installation, support and performance.


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