Mobile Picking Carts That Support Simultaneous Wave, Batch Picking of Multiple Orders at ProMat 2015

Lightning Pick’s automated carts—on display in Booth 3903c—are powered by patented Perpetual Picking software to deliver continuous productivity

Lightning Pick picking cartGERMANTOWN, WI (March 20, 2015) — Ideal for facilities with a vast number of stock keeping units (SKUs) that cannot be categorized by specific velocity, the LP Cart line of mobile picking carts will be showcased at ProMat 2015 in Booth 3903c. The carts feature technology options from Lightning Pick, a Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand.

Easy to learn and use, the multi-shelf carts automate batch picking for fulfillment of multiple, one- to two-line orders at the same time during a single pass through the warehouse, while following the shortest route. Particularly suited to e-commerce applications, LP Carts include:

  • Low power consumption pick-to-light module hardware at each order bin or box position
  • Android tablet with color LCD screen
  • Radio frequency (RF) barcode scanner for item/location scanning
  • Rechargeable mobile power pack outfitted with long-lasting batteries
  • Optional configuration to support voice-directed picking applications

All components can be added as a retrofit to existing carts or engineered as a custom designed solution in any size, design or configuration, including power assist.

“Because they support batch picks of multiple orders simultaneously, mobile picking carts dramatically increase picking speed by up to 200% while improving worker ergonomics by reducing the number of trips through the warehouse,” said Bernie McCabe, Sales Force Manager for Matthews Automation Solutions’ fulfillment systems brands.

Further, continued McCabe, “For companies that cannot cost-justify the implementation of a full pick-to-light system at every pick face, or to run a conveyor system throughout their facility, the carts are an extremely affordable way to automate picking of an unlimited number of SKUs.”

Powered by a simple, file-based interface, the LP Carts’ control software communicates wirelessly in real-time with the facility’s host computer system. Utilizing an efficient algorithm embedded in the carts’ batch optimization software, orders are grouped according to pick location proximity.

When the picker arrives at an assigned storage area, LP Cart’s light-directed picking modules indicate which picked items should be distributed to each bin riding on the cart. To improve accuracy, items can be scanned to confirm the correct pick and placement in the right bin. This batch picking process boosts picking speeds up to 40% over conventional, paper-based picking, and reduces travel by up to 70% (depending on order profiles).

The software also utilizes patented Perpetual Picking batch optimization software to further boost picker productivity, even when all the order spots on the cart have been filled. The Perpetual Picking system tracks the cart’s real-time location in the warehouse (as opposed to assuming the cart is navigating a pre-determined route) and directs the picker to collect additional, single-line picks along the travel path while navigating the cart to the completed order drop point.

The carts’ control software interfaces with existing warehouse control systems (WCS) and warehouse management systems (WMS) to easily automate batch picking. The Perpetual Picking system works with both IPTI and Lightning Pick software platforms, allowing carts to be added seamlessly into existing light-directed environments. This also enables interface options, such as Lightning Pick’s LP Dashboard for manager-level insights into daily productivity key performance indicators (KPIs) across the facility, or at individual picker levels.

Lightning Pick’s LP Cart demo system can be seen in action at the at Booth 3903c throughout ProMat 2015 in Chicago, Illinois — March 23-26, 2015. For more information, contact Joe Pelej at 262.250.2143 or by email at [email protected], or visit our carts page. A video of the LP Cart in action can be seen at:

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Lightning Pick, a Matthews Automation Solutions’ brand, delivers advanced pick-to-light, put-to-light, pack-to-light, batch picking carts, light sleds and other paperless picking, kitting, assembly and sortation systems from two locations in Germantown and Ixonia, Wisconsin. Our globally recognized automated technologies drive increased productivity, quality and efficiency across Lean supply chains—from manufacturing through order fulfillment. In 2014, Lightning Pick added the sales, support and service of all Pick-MAX light-directed products, formerly by IPTI.


Matthews Automation Solutions—a division of Matthews International Corporation—designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of marking, coding and industrial automation technologies and solutions. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors worldwide rely on Matthews’ integrated systems to identify, track, control and pick products at the highest levels of accuracy and throughput. For handling challenges in manufacturing, packaging or distribution, Matthews’ combined expertise delivers the integrated solution that meets an organization’s needs today and grows with them tomorrow. These automated and semi-automated marking, coding, control, sortation, picking and verification technologies and software streamline manufacturing, distribution and order fulfillment processes to maximize productivity.

The Matthews Automation Solutions’ family of brands includes Holjeron, Lightning Pick, Matthews Marking Systems and Pyramid.

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