Multimodal Order Picking Solutions

Multiple order picking processes, three technologies, one solution

Lightning Pick Software

Multimodal pick automation includes pick-to-light, voice picking and RF picking.

Distribution centers servicing multiple distribution channels may be responsible for a variety of full and split case quantity fulfillment operations. Lightning Pick Version 6.0 manages multiple paperless picking technologies to optimize these multimodal picking environments. Instead of applying one technology to handle all areas, order types and volume levels, Lightning Pick applies the right tools to right processes, even offering creative hybrid solutions utilizing two or more types of picking equipment working together.

Integrated and Scalable

Each product within the Lightning Pick Solution Suite can function as a standalone application, yet they all share a common architecture to form integrated, end-to-end paperless fulfillment execution systems.

  • This product modularity and scalability gives manufacturers and distributors numerous options to explore when evaluating process challenges and solutions.
  • A major benefit of this approach is the ability to easily pilot a pick technology, achieve optimum results and a rapid ROI. Then the essential infrastructure is in place to build upon for future needs. Over 30% of our customers expand their systems within a year of the original installation.
  • Another key advantage is the ability to have just one host interface between the pick execution software and your host ERP, WMS or other business system. Through one connection you can download an order file to Lightning Pick, which can direct and manage it through several areas. Picks from the fastest moving product locations could be executed with pick-to-light, while lower volume locations or full case quantities could be selected using RF technologies.

Some distributors (like pharmaceutical, food or some electronics like cell phones) want the speed of Pick to Light, but also need to execute an RF scan at certain pick faces within for lot number verification, QC or to capture other data. The new Lightning Pick Version 6.0 software streamlines this pick procedure by knowing each location requirement and managing all hardware involved (such as pick-to-light and wireless RF ring scanners).

See a Demo

We welcome visitors to our Solution Center as an opportunity for hands-on experience with the latest picking technologies. Our engineers can even utilize a sample of your actual order data to provide an accurate ‘test drive’ environment. You can also meet us at Booth 1543 at NA 2010 in Cleveland April 26th through the 29th. We’ll offer demonstrations of one order downloaded to Lightning Pick Version 6.0, then traveling through pick-to-light, low-volume pick-to-light, RF and voice picking areas. Then you can view live productivity data on our LP News large format LED ‘scoreboard’ message displays.

Please feel free to contact 262-250-2100 or [email protected] to talk more about your special requirements.

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