Pick-MAX joins the Lightning Pick product family

Innovative Picking Technologies, Inc.’s (IPTI) Pick-MAX products and Ixonia, Wisconsin location are now part of Lightning Pick, a Matthews Automation Solutions brand. Pick-MAX joins the Lightning Pick MW, JW, AW, SW and NW product families of pick-to-light, put-to-light, automated picking carts and other order fulfillment execution technologies.

Like all Lightning Pick light module series, Pick-MAX offers easy system installation, reconfiguration and maintenance. Available models include the Pick-MAX2 that features a 4-digit quantity display, and Pick-MAX Micro which offers a compact, 2-digit display design.

Pick-MAX on Lightning Pick order picking carts.

Energy Efficient for Mobile Applications

Pick-MAX lights are purposefully engineered for optimum energy efficiency, making them ideal for mobile, battery-based applications like batch picking carts  or cluster picking light sleds. The resulting increase in battery life reduces downtime needed for recharging.

Pick-MAX2 pick to light system hardware

Multiple Product Options

Pick-MAX hardware is offered as a complete solution — delivered with Lightning Pick software. Plus, support for current Pick-MAX software installations will continue. Pick-MAX hardware’s reliability and features are also popular with system integrators delivering custom solutions that deploy their own software or controls.

Pick-to-Light picker using Watch-Me zoneless productivity tracking device

Watch-Me Option

Pick-MAX hardware integrates with Lightning Pick’s exclusive Watch-Me system, allowing pick-to-light or put-to-light systems to track individual pickers without the need for zone scan logins or assignments. This patented option guarantees picker accountability and enables zoneless picking technologies like LP Zone Free.

Pick-MAX Micro

Lightning Pick’s Pick-MAX Micro is designed to bring the benefits of pick-to-light in a smaller, less costly package. Pick-MAX Micro fits applications that require a higher density of pick faces. In very large systems where cost becomes a factor, Pick-MAX Micro fits perfect as a less costly option, allowing more pick locations to be equipped with this technology.

Special Features

  • Available 12-digit alphanumeric Order Control Module (OCM, also called a bay display) that presents the current order or tote number being processed in each bay.
  • Modular, snap-in BUS design allows very fast installation, quick reconfiguration of pick locations, and easy system expansion.
  • Bright and clear displays can illuminate in seven different colors.
  • Location indicator lights and task complete button are combined for ergonomic operation.
  • Functions available at the pick face eliminate the need for RF subsystems for replenishment, lot tracking, SKU management and cycle counting.

IPTI Heritage

Founded in 1994, IPTI – Innovative Picking Technologies, Inc., became a leading specialist in distribution center automation including the Pick-MAX brand of light-directed material handling solutions. IPTI was acquired by Matthews International (matw.com) in 2010, joining the Matthews Automation Solutions (matthewsautomation.com) division. In 2014, IPTI’s Ixonia WI location, staff and Pick-MAX products became part of Lightning Pick, its sister Matthews picking systems brand. In 2017 both teams joined under one roof in a new, modern facility in Waukesha, WI.

Today our combined customer installations make Lightning Pick the largest provider of pick-to-light, put walls and other light-directed material handling systems in North America.

Lightning Pick continues sales, service and support of Pick-MAX products including picking carts, sled-based systems and the innovative LP Zone Free solution.

Pick to light system iconPick-MAX Contact Information

Tel: 262.250.2100 | [email protected]


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