LP Zone Free

Zoneless, scan-free, box-to-picker solution.

The LP Zone Free automated box-to-picker solution empowers pickers to achieve higher performance by executing more of their key, value-add task: picking. Controlled by groundbreaking MPower Technology™, this solution eliminates scanning, excessive box handling and other non-picking related activities that can monopolize 40–70% of total picker activity.

This holds especially true for direct-to-consumer (DTC) orders that typically contain only a few lines or items. In those operations, pickers frequently spend more time manually moving and identifying boxes or totes than actually picking items.

Lightning Pick Scan-free Pick-to-Light Order Launch

Scan-Free Order Launch.

Utilizing motor driven roller (MDR) conveyor managed by MPower controller cards, the MPower pick system delivers shipping cartons or totes directly to pickers as needed. The MPower system also controls the pick-to-light automation, launching orders without a manual scan by the picker. Lights activate on nearby flow rack, guiding pickers to the right products and quantities to grab. Meanwhile, illuminated lights on the conveyor tell pickers which tote is actively being filled.

Lightning Pick Zoneless pick-to-light

Zoneless Picking.

Traditionally, pick-to-light systems are zone-based. Depending on the order fulfillment process, this can result in unbalanced workloads. In contrast, LP Zone Free operates in a zoneless, bucket brigade mode. This lets pickers select product from any illuminated SKU location — regardless of predetermined zones. The system also eliminates the need to scan each box or tote into a zone. When coupled with the Watch-Me system, pickers naturally move to where the work is.

Integrated or Standalone Controls.

LP Zone Free can work with a warehouse control system (WCS), but doesn’t require one. Further, there’s no need for expensive RFID tags. All container routing, order data and other automation information is relayed virtually from one MPower controller card to the next. The MPower platform can also control other automated material handling systems, such as A-frame dispensers, sorters, print-and-apply labeling, check-weigh stations and more.

Lightning Pick Pickman

Special Features

  • Eliminates material handling and scanning operations common to standard pick-to-light implementations.
  • Optimizes the high-productivity, bucket brigade pick methodology.
  • Pickers can go to wherever work is available to balance the fulfillment demands.
  • Works with Pick-MAX lights and the Watch-Me system.
  • Uses patented Virtual Data Tag™ technology via motor-driven roller (MDR) controller cards.
  • No warehouse control system (WCS) or RFID required.

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