Proven Results.



Average Accuracy Rate.


Lightning Pick Productivity

Increase in Pick Rate Productivity.



Cycle Times.


Lightning Pick Pick-to-Light throughput

Throughput for Increased Order Volume.

Why Lightning Pick?

Picking solutions that deliver the perfect order.

The list of recognized business leaders selecting Lightning Pick solutions is the fastest growing in the industry. Why? Because Lightning Pick’s combination of hardware innovation, proven project methodology, and a robust software product has an established track record of delivering projects on time, on budget, every time — since 1980.

These leaders in supply chain excellence know that they can rely on Lightning Pick to execute their order fulfillment best practices day after day. This is why, when it comes to light-directed order fulfillment, Lightning Pick is the best-of-breed leader both in new solution installations and retrofits of legacy systems.

Lightning Pick’s modular technology enables you to optimize multiple applications and processes throughout your operations by utilizing one powerful software platform, with one interface with your host business system. Whether you need pick-to-light for your fast-moving SKU locations today and voice-directed picking for your other pick processes tomorrow, Lightning Pick can answer many challenges with a single solution.

Successful partnerships.

Our strategic partnerships with the industry’s best solution providers — combined with seamless integration capabilities — ensure continued success throughout your supply chain operations. Backed by proactive 24/7/365 client support, Lightning Pick makes sure your system is always up-to-speed and state-of-the-art.

Scalable platform.

Lightning Pick provides truly scalable solutions that grow and evolve with your changing business requirements. We continuously introduce new process enhancement tools to our user community.

Premium service.

With our pick-to-light systems, you are never left in the dark. Our Lightning Pick team is made up of knowledgeable, enthusiastic individuals dedicated to our customers’ success. That’s why we provide 24/7/365 customer service.

$1.5 Million in Labor Savings

“Before implementing the pick-to-light system, we had 128 employees working two shifts in our DC. At that time we were averaging 6,000 packages a day. After installing Lightning Pick we averaged 8,000 to 9,000 packages a day — with half the staff. We’ve more than doubled productivity, and are saving somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 million in labor. With the pick-to-light we have had a 50% increase in accuracy, and less employee turnover from the overall ease of use. Lightning Pick has also eliminated many of the staffing and training headaches common to DCs. Turnover has dropped to just 5%, and training new staff generally takes only three days, as opposed to the month it took before we adopted Lightning Pick.”

Chad Sullivan
Director of Distribution
Market America


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