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Multiple order picking carts for automated batch picking processes.

Patented Perpetual Picking Productivity 

 LP Cart

Lightning Pick’s mobile pick carts offer major productivity gains (up to 40%) and nearly 100% order accuracy compared to paper-based picking — or even operations already using some standalone form of pick automation (such as RF, voice or pick-to-lght).

Pick-to-light sled for cluster picking.

Automated Cluster Picking Accuracy

 LP Light Sled

LP Light Sled provides fulfillment operations with an economical and highly accurate solution to optimize and support a cluster picking methodology in either manual or existing pick-to-light order picking systems.

MW Series pick-to-light hardware product family.

NEW Pick-to-Light Hardware Family

 MW Series

Lightning Pick’s rugged new MW Series delivers amplified performance, flexibility, durability and power efficiency to new or existing users of pick-to-light, put-to-light and other light-directed systems.

Pick-MAX pick-to-light hardware product family.

Pick-to-Light Hardware Family


Pick-MAX offers easy system installation, reconfiguration and maintenance. Available models include Pick-MAX2 featuring a 4-digit quantity display, and Pick-MAX Micro which offers a 2-digit display in a compact design.

Pick-to-Light Phone App for Control on the Go

► LP Mobile

The LP Mobile web app works on Android phone operating systems. This app enables real-time views into order progress, picker productivity and other key metrics. Lightning Pick’s pick-to-light mobile app also enables control of work plans and other system configuration capabilities.

Lightning Pick AW Series Pick-to-Light Light Module

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and CompactLogix Software Interface

► LP PLC Bridge

LP PLC Bridge is a software interface for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and CompactLogix PLCs, enabling them to control a network of light modules via interface blocks connected to the PLC serial port. Customers experienced in ladder-logic programming have implemented hundreds of thousands of Lightning Pick light modules worldwide using this interface.

Standalone Pick-to-Light System for Manufacturing

► Build2Light

Build2Light™ is a complete pick-to-light (also frequently referred to as pick-by-light or build-to-light) solution engineered to error-proof parts picking, kitting, assembly, sequencing and other material handling operations. The system guides operators to the correct parts and tasks with light-directed picking.

Superior Pick Process Visibility

► LP Dashboard

LP Dashboard provides a centralized view of all critical lightning Pick processes in your operations through a
single software application.

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