Woman picking orders using pick-to-light software and hardware by Lightning Pick


Light Directed Picking for Order Fulfillment

Pick-to-light is acknowledged to be the fastest operator-based picking strategy available to execute broken case quantity order fulfillment operations. Ideal for team-based approaches like zone picking, the LP Pick solution increases the pick rate productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency of this labor intensive process.

Matthews Lightning Pick is the most flexible and powerful light-directed picking application available. Today, Lightning Pick is the number one installed pick-to-light system in North America, leading the industry both in new installations and legacy systems retrofits.

Lightning Pick module for pick to light systems

Reducing Pick Errors.

Pick-to-light improves order fulfillment performance by reducing the time spent walking between items required by an order, and removing the errors associated with reading paper pick lists.

Distribution center pick line using pick-to-light system

High-Speed Piece Picking.

Lightning Pick’s light-directed method is the fastest pick automation available to boost the speed and order quality of your broken case quantity/piece picking operations.

Shelf with Lightning Pick multi-color pick to light modules

Best-of-Breed Solution.

Lightning Pick is widely recognized as the best-of-breed pick-to-light system available on the market. We deliver proven performance and the latest innovations to your material handling operations.

Lightning Pick Pickman

Special Features

  • Flexible, reliable hardware platform with deep catalog of features and options.
  • The industry’s most advanced, proactive order fulfillment execution software.
  • The largest pick-to-light user community in North America.
  • Access to real-time statistics on picker productivity, order volumes and all system activities.
  • Quickest training curve and start-up time.
  • Best-in-industry innovation.

Pick-to-Light Demonstration

► Video Demo of Pick-to-Light

What is pick-to-light and how does it work? Watch this demo of light-directed order picking for fast and accurate warehouse order fulfillment.

Pick-to-Light Video

► See Lightning Pick in Action

See how multiple Lightning Pick customers have increased the speed and accuracy of their piece picking operations with our pick-to-light systems.

The Hillman Group's shelving with retail boxes of hardware managed by a pick-to-light system

Pick-to-Light: Big Box Retail Supplier Case Study

► The Hillman Group

This leading supplier of fasteners uses Lightning Pick to accurately pick similar-looking boxes of product to fulfill orders for big box and other retailers. Read how Lightning Pick’s system enables them to pick more orders at greater speeds and quality, but with less labor.


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