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Put Walls

The LP Put solution optimizes batch picking and high-speed sortation operations with a process sometimes called pick-to-light in reverse. With put-to-light, operators scan an item and the locations representing a store or customer needing that item illuminate. From straightforward scan-and-put workstations and put walls, to more complex sortation applications, LP Put offers options that maximize speed and accuracy.

Scan and Sort to Light.

Upon arrival at the put-to-light sorting area, each item is scanned. This triggers the light-directed picking modules to illuminate at every put location where the item is required to complete the order. Pickers distribute the items accordingly, and extinguish the light once the task is complete. After an order is filled, the light-directed picking module indicates that the order is complete and ready to ship.

Lightning Pick Put-to-Light back side Pull direction

Manage Large Numbers of SKUs.

Unlike systems that require lights at every pick face, the light modules on a put wall are associated with sort locations (bins, totes or shelves) that correspond to individual customer orders. Lightning Pick’s unique put solution also offers lights on the opposite side of the put wall or station. When individual orders are completed, a light illuminates to alert packing personnel.

The Lightning Pick Advantage.

Light-directed put walls are a space-efficient and economical method for fast, high-quality order sortation. For businesses with a large number of SKUs, Lightning Pick put systems are available in a wide variety of configurations to immediately boost operational efficiency, capacity and visibility into order progress and productivity rates.

Lightning Pick Pickman


  • E-commerce order fulfillment
  • Returns processing
  • Secondary batch pick sortation
  • Store order fulfillment
  • Putaway and replenishment
  • Kitting processes
  • Order consolidation

E-commerce Order Fulfillment Brochure



Put-to-Light Video

► System Introduction Demo

See a tote of batch-picked, mixed-SKU merchandise be sorted into individual direct-to-consumer or e-commerce orders. When orders are complete, lights on the other side of the put station illuminate for pack-out alerts.

put by light station

Put-to-Light: E-commerce Order Fulfillment

► Trans World Entertainment

Trans World, a music and media retailer, uses Lightning Pick’s put-to-light for faster, more accurate e-commerce order fulfillment. LP Put is tightly integrated with their WMS and a new shipping software to provide a complete sort-and-ship solution.


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