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New product release: LP Dashboard

LP Dashboard Screens

The new LP Dashboard provides executives, managers and supervisors with improved visibility into their Lightning Pick-controlled operations for superior decision support and rapid response.

Real-time visibility.
View real-time operational data from your Lightning Pick-controlled areas and leverage the benefits of improved business intelligence with the Lightning Pick Dashboard.

Pick-to-light software dashboard productivity metrics.

The LP Dashboard enables any executive, manager or supervisor to easily view pick rate productivity, accuracy, throughput and other vital activities in their order fulfillment or manufacturing operations through one ‘centralized’ software application. Lightning Pick customers can see real-time KPI (Key Performance Indicator) updates with drill-down granularity for Facilty, Area, Zone and Employee level views.

Visualize metric data through next generation GUI design.
The Dashboard’s next generation GUI (Graphical User Interface) enables users to visualize real-time metric data in a variety of high-impact graphical presentations. Intuitive navigation tools arrange your valuable performance data into helpful 2D and 3D chart and graph formats.

Pick-to-light in direct selling distribution center.

Simple ‘drag and drop’ widgets allow Lightning Pick customers to easily configure their own unique dashboard templates. From live video camera feeds to employee-level productivity statistics, the LP Dashboard ‘mission command’ puts a virtually unlimited wealth of information at your fingertips.

LP advantages.

  • LP Dashboard provides a ‘centralized’ view of all critical Lightning Pick processes in your operations through a single software application.
  • The Dashboard’s next generation GUI features intuitive navigation for users to conveniently configure data into meaningful views based on their specific requirements.
  • Continously improve your lean supply chain processes, from manufacturing through order fulfillment, with better business intelligence.

Put-to-light software dashboard presenting productivity statistics.

Special features.

  • Drill-Down Producitvity views into Facilities, Areas, Zones and Employee level data.
  • View KPIs including Pick Rate Productivity, Order Accuracy, Throughput and many others.
  • Utilize Drag and Drop Widgets to create your own custom dashboard views.
  • View operational data in rich graphical presentations for more effective views and analysis.

See LP Dashboard in action.
Visit Lightning Pick’s Booth #4441 in Chicago this January 12th – 15th (ProMat ’09,  https://www.promatshow.com) to see LP Dashboard in action. Lightning Pick will demonstrate one order, downloaded through a single interface with a host system, picked throughout Pick to Light, RF Picking and Voice-directed Picking areas. The LP Dashboard tool will show the metric data from these activities in a multitude of valuable viewing formats to maximize productivity.

Pick-to-light in vitamin and supplement order fulfillment center.

The industry leader in pick-to-light software innovation.
At the core of all Lightning Pick products is the robust Lightning Pick software that is the most powerful, flexible order fulfillment execution system available. Lightning Pick Technologies is the renowned leader in advanced software development, giving your supply chain systems a competitive edge in your industry.




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