Put-to-light for retail store replenishment

Not all put-to-light applications are the same. Retail distribution operations require a highly sophisticated put-to-light solution specifically engineered for distribution centers (DCs) servicing retail stores. Also called put-to-store, pack-to-light is ideal for retail store replenishment. It also optimizes cross-docking operations where a percentage of full case quantities are broken down to store level cartons.

Sometimes put-to-light for retail (put-to-store) is referred to as pack-to-light because this light-directed process begins when a case of product arrives to the break pack area. In this process, an operator scans the case to illuminate the put-to-light modules, directing sortation of product to the right store carton and in the right unit quantities required by that retail location. The product is then “put” or “packed” to the store carton. When finished with that carton, the operator presses the light module LED to confirm sort completion.

Pack-to-light is a valuable tool in cross-docking operations where some percentage of the cases are broken down into smaller quantities for stores. A successful pack-to-light system effectively manages flow-through sortation processes throughout multiple DCs in larger supply chain networks.

Put-to-Light store sortation

Put-to-Store Sortation

Cases of merchandise are routed to the DC’s break pack area. An operator scans the case and lights illuminate, directing quick sortation of the product to the right store carton and in the right unit quantities. Once the product is put to the store carton, the light module is extinguished to confirm the activity was completed.

Pack to light system for store cartons above and below rack.

Easily Add Capacity

Lightning Pick’s cable-free light module design gives LP Pack the scalability and flexibility to quickly accommodate store location changes, and growth in a wide variety of rack and conveyor configurations. Further, a variety of advanced, integrated RF scanning technology options enable additional task management — along with the lights.

Full case sortation to store level carton quantities with the LP Pack-to-Light put system.

Faster Flow-Through

Lightning Pick’s powerful pack-to-light software successfully manages flow-through sortation processes throughout multiple distribution centers and across demanding supply networks. Manage a variety of specific process requirements through Lightning Pick at one or more fulfillment centers.

Lightning Pick Pickman

Special Features

  • Carton-level manifest updates
  • Labor productivity data
  • Warehouse Control System (WCS) integration
  • Interface with workforce planning tools
  • Real-time event messaging
  • Push/pull inventory techniques
  • Manages multiple open purchase orders (POs)
  • Close carton and split case capability
  • Scan product UPC option
  • Multi-case distributions
  • Dynamic zoning

Key Industries

  • E-commerce order fulfillment
  • Retail store order replenishment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Apparel & accessories
  • Music, book & media publishing/distribution
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics & beauty products
  • Vitamins & nutraceuticals
Pack system using MW Series light modules.

Pack-to-Light Video

► Tuesday Morning

Closeout merchandise retailer Tuesday Morning uses LP Pack to quickly push product from their distribution center out to their retail stores, and in front of customers. Watch this Speed Challenge case study video produced by DC Velocity.

Pack-to-Light Specialty Retail

► Carlotte Russe

Sometimes called a put-to-light or put-to-store system, Lightning Pick’s pack-to-light was ideal for Charlotte Russe’s flow-through retail store replenishment approach. Watch step-by-step as a case of product arrives to the break pack area.

Put to Light for retail store replenishment

Pack-to-Light: Apparel and Accessories Retail 

► Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe utilizes Lightning Pick’s pack-to-light solution to efficiently break down full cases of merchandise into store cartons. Unique software enables them to add more store locations without adding to the physical layout of their distribution center.


Pack-to-Light Case Study

► Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning specializes in discounted, closeout upscale home accessories and gifts. Tuesday installed a new material handling system from Worldsource and a pack-to-light from Lighting Pick to manage a growing number of stock keeping units (SKUs), a 15% increase in store locations and to turnover their close-out SKUs with greater speed.


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