Matthews Fulfills the Need for Capacity

► Full range of ecommerce and omnichannel order fulfillment services

Capacity uses Matthews’ light-directed batch picking carts and two-sided put walls for fast order sortation and packing. Plus, a print and apply system and shipping sorter managed and optimized by Matthews warehouse execution software. Matthews’ end-to-end solution adds speed and quality for a variety of Capacity’s customers and fulfillment channels including ecommerce, subscription boxes and retail replenishment.

Put-to-Light Demonstration

► Put Wall / Put-to-Light Essentials

What is a put wall system (put-to-light) and how does it work? This video shows a demonstration of warehouse put wall order consolidation and sortation using a two-sided put wall that includes batch picked order sortation and pack out. Ideal for ecommerce order fulfillment, Lightning Pick light-directed systems and software comprise the fastest growing user community for two decades.

Pick-to-Light Demonstration

► Video Demo of Pick-to-Light

What is pick-to-light and how does it work? This video shows a demonstration of light-directed order picking using the Lightning Pick system for fast and accurate warehouse order fulfillment. Pick-to-Light is the operator-based picking strategy for high speed piece picking to execute broken case quantity order fulfillment. Ideal for team-based approaches like zone picking, Lightning Pick is the fastest growing light-directed picking user community for over 20 years.

Rocky Brands Customer Case Study

► Rocky Brands Reboots Order Fulfillment with Lightning Pick

Rocky Brands needed to improve on the performance of their 20 year-old sorter to keep up with newly added brands and an increasing variety of fulfillment channels. They worked with Exceed Consulting and Matthews to create a solution that was fast, reliable and delivered capacity for their projected growth pattern.

Three Demonstrations of Pick-to-Light Capabilities

► Pick-to-Light for 3 Types of Manufacturing Applications

Watch a quick trade show demonstration of different ways to use light-directed Build2Light technology for manufacturing-related processes.

This proven technology – designed to error-proof your assembly, picking or kitting processes – is highly adaptable and has a low cost to entry.

3PL Customer Case Study

► Third Party Logistics Order Fulfillment

Capacity, a leading third-party fulfillment provider for global brands, handles thousands of e-commerce orders every hour. To manage future demand, they partnered with Lightning Pick to implement an advanced order fulfillment solution. Automated picking carts and integrated put walls work together for batch picking order waves, then sorting to individual customers orders. Plus, the two-sided put system directs box kitting, pack-out and other value-added services.

Fastenal Case Study

► Zoneless Pick-to-Light Order Fulfillment System

An end-to-end order fulfillment solution for small, high-volume orders at Fastenal’s industrial vending services distribution center.

Pick-to-Light Video

► See Lightning Pick in Action

See how multiple Lightning Pick customers have increased the speed and accuracy of their piece picking operations with our pick-to-light systems.

MW Series Video

► New Hardware Series Intro

After 35 years of providing automated fulfillment systems and material handling technologies, Lightning Pick’s new MW Series light module family is the quintessential pick-to-light hardware. See it used in a classic zone picking, pick-and-pass application.

Build2Light Video

► Pick-to-Light for Manufacturing Demo

Lightning Pick’s Build2Light is a complete pick-to-light solution to error-proof parts picking, kitting, assembly, sequencing and other material handling operations in production environments.

Put-to-Light Video

► System Introduction Demo

See a tote of batch-picked, mixed-SKU merchandise be sorted into individual direct-to-consumer or e-commerce orders. When orders are complete, lights on the other side of the put wall illuminate for pack-out alerts.

Put-to-Light System Video

► LP Put and Integrated Auto-Bagger

This demo video presents a Lightning Pick put wall integrated with an auto-bagger for a complete e-commerce sortation and packaging solution.

Pack-to-Light Case Study Video

► Tuesday Morning

Closeout merchandise retailer Tuesday Morning uses LP Pack to quickly push product from their distribution center out to their retail stores, and in front of customers. Watch this Speed Challenge case study video produced by DC Velocity.

Pack-to-Light Video

► Watch Video

Sometimes called a put-to-light or put-to-store system, Lightning Pick’s pack-to-light was ideal for Charlotte Russe’s flow-through retail store replenishment approach. Watch step-by-step as a case of product arrives to the break pack area.

Pick Cart Video

► See the LP Cart in Action

Get introduced to Lightning Pick’s patented Perpetual Picking system. This video shows how the software’s algorithms direct continuous batch picking of multiple orders through every pass of the warehouse.

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