The Lightning Pick Advantage.

On Time.

On Budget.

Every Time.

Why Lightning Pick?

When you select a picking solution from Lightning Pick — light-, voice- or radio-frequency (RF-) directed — you take advantage of both a mature software product and a proven project methodology that ensures your system will be ready when expected. Upon installation completion, we will fully demonstrate system operation for your approval prior to shipment so that you’re productive as soon as the system hits your floor.

Ease of Use.

Lightning Pick products are intuitive and easy to understand. Even temporary workers can be effective with just a few minutes of training.


Your Lightning Pick system can change as your business needs change. Light modules can be easily added or moved. All system settings are user-configurable via our graphical user interface (GUI).

Easy to Support.

Our systems are engineered to be supported by your warehouse staff. Extensive diagnostics make it easy to find and correct problems — all without affecting picking in other areas. The system includes a full, online help system, as well as a field troubleshooting guide. And, of course, there’s always our 24/7/365 maintenance contract support.

Investment Protection.

You never have to worry about your system getting old or obsolete. Lightning Pick offers a continuous upgrade path. New operational and diagnostics features, as well as support for the latest Microsoft versions, ensure that your system is always as state-of-the-art as the day you installed it.

Breadth of Experience.

Most importantly, when you buy a Lightning Pick system, you’re buying into the fastest growing, light-directed picking user community over the last 15 years. You’ll benefit from our experience in more than 500 sites, and through the variety of options we offer to address specialized or ancillary applications. More than one-third of Lightning Pick’s customers expand their systems within the first three years.

Best-in-Class Solution.

Lightning Pick is widely recognized as the best-in-class pick-to-light system available. We deliver proven performance and the latest innovations to your material handling operations.


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