Streamlined solution for e-commerce parcel picking, packing and shipping from Matthews Automation Solutions on display at PARCEL Forum ’13.

Lightning Pick’s put-to-light station and Matthews Marking System’s MPERIA™ print control module and printers deliver fast, accurate, customized packouts.

LightningPick_LogoAboutGERMANTOWN, WI – Two members of the Matthews Marking and Fulfillment Systems division of Matthews Brand Solutions—Lightning Pick and Matthews Marking Systems—will share Booth 603 at the PARCEL Forum ’13, October 7–9 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago. The exhibit is a part of the event’s Warehousing Operations Pavilion.

On display will be two complementary technologies that help e-commerce order fulfillment operations boost split-case, parcel picking accuracy and packing productivity: Lightning Pick’s put-to-light light-directed picking station, and Matthews Marking System’s MPERIA print control module (PCM), L-Series high resolution thermal inkjet printer and T-Series high resolution industrial inkjet printer.

“For facilities picking orders for multiple retailers, the light-directed system offers the ability to sort items that were batch picked on a single trip through the warehouse into discrete, blank cartons,” explains Dave Broadfoot, Managing Partner of Lightning Pick.

“The MPERIA platform connects the completed pick’s carton to both the recipient and the retailer, and instructs a printer to imprint data—such as shipping information, tracking barcodes, logo, brand message or other communication—directly on the box,” continues Mark Beauregard, Vice President of Market Development at Matthews Marking Systems.

Lightning Pick’s put-to-light solution optimizes batch and wave picking processes and high-speed sortation operations. After a tote is filled with larger quantities of products from the storage section of a warehouse, it is delivered to an operator at the put-to-light station. The station includes light-directed picking devices mounted to subdivided shelving, with each space associated to a unique order. The operator scans an item’s barcode, and the lights illuminate to indicate the quantity of the item required to fill that order.

Once an order has been filled and items placed in the shipping carton, the MPERIA print control module (PCM) directs a printer to mark the box. (Alternatively, the system can direct the marking of a carton at the beginning of the picking process.) As a platform, MPERIA enables complete management of a facility’s entire enterprise marking and coding operations. The intuitive, touch screen interface of its controller—aided by a built-in image editor—makes message creation and selection simple. It integrates easily with enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and warehouse management system (WMS) databases to reduce coding errors and efficiently manage and coordinate multiple printers simultaneously.

The MPERIA L-Series thermal inkjet printer also runs on the MPERIA platform, with speeds up to 200 feet per minute. Available with inks for both porous and non-porous applications, the printer features an advanced nozzle design that reduces ink consumption. For improved uptime, changeovers are accomplished by snapping in a new cartridge. Scalable to accommodate up to 8 print heads, the L-Series can be optionally outfitted with a photocell, encoder, mounting clamps and stands, hand scanner, warning light and bulk ink delivery system.

The MPERIA T-Series is offered as a cost-effective, reliable alternative to adhesive-backed print-and-apply labels and preprinted boxes. The high resolution industrial inkjet printers create 4-inch tall images and codes with a single, bi-directional print head, or employ 20 or more print heads to seamlessly stitch up to 400 inches of print height. Ideal for printing on porous materials, such as corrugated cardboard boxes, T-Series printheads include an automatic/manual cleaning system to maintain pristine print quality and minimize ink consumption.

“The put-to-light technology speeds up picking productivity from rates of 60 lines per hour to as many as 400 lines per hour, while bumping accuracy up to 99.9%,” notes Broadfoot. “When you couple that with the ability to automatically add customized logos or messages to a carton—applied during order fulfillment—it makes the distribution process more akin to a predictable manufacturing process.”

Additionally, Broadfoot and Beauregard will be presenting session “OP 604: The Art of Pick-Pack-Ship Integration to Lower Costs & Keep Customers” on Tuesday, October 8, from Noon to 12:50 p.m. during the warehousing- and operations-focused conference track. The presentation will include an overview of how to proactively leverage customer order information to integrate and customize the fulfillment process. This strategy represents a means to keep a company’s, or their customer’s, brand promise with timely, error-free and customized order shipping and delivery.

“Both the exhibit and the presentation will demonstrate some of the possibilities these complementary technologies offer for order fulfillment,” adds Paul Jensen, Division President of Matthews Automation Solutions. “It’s not enough anymore to just get the right item in the right box and out the door at the right time. Companies are looking to build the relationship their customers have with their brand. We’ve taken a software strategy and supported it with the hardware infrastructure that attendees will see at the show.”

For more information about Matthews’ products and services, contact Joe Pelej, Matthews Automation Solutions at (262) 250-2143, [email protected].

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Matthews Automation Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of marking, coding and industrial automation technologies and solutions. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors worldwide rely on Matthews’ integrated systems to identify, track, control and pick products at the highest levels of accuracy and throughput. For handling challenges in manufacturing, packaging or distribution, Matthews’ combined expertise delivers the integrated solution that meets an organization’s needs today, and grows with them tomorrow. Our automated and semi-automated marking, coding, control, sortation, picking and verification technologies and software streamline the order fulfillment processes to maximize productivity.


Lightning Pick is a leading provider of light-directed and advanced technology order fulfillment systems. For over 25 years, the company has developed innovative solutions for world-class companies across a broad range of industries, setting new standards for productivity, accuracy and customer satisfaction. Our systems have been tested and proven in over 500 facilities worldwide. Offerings include solutions for e-commerce, returns processing, kitting, container routing, manufacturing, radio frequency (RF) and voice-directed picking, RFID and other needs to optimize efficiency throughout your supply chain.


Matthews Marking Systems is a global innovator of printing systems and systems and consumables for corporate branding, product ID technology, operational marking and regulatory compliance. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Matthews Marking Systems has more than 160 years of marking and coding experience. Products include inkjet, laser, thermal transfer, contact, indenting, custom solutions, service and consumables.

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