Pick-to-Light Picking Carts

Picking Carts

Batch Picking and Sortation System.

Lightning Pick’s cart-based applications optimize batch picking operations by reducing walking/travel time, improving pick rates and increasing order accuracy via cart picking.

Combining a colorful, heads-up display that leads the employee to the next pick location with put indicator lights that show where product should be placed, the solution is easy to understand and quick to use.

Operator using pick-to-light picking cart.

RF, Lights, Go.

Easy to learn and use, multi-shelf carts automate batch picking for fulfillment of multiple, one- to two-line orders at the same time during a single pass through the warehouse — all while following the shortest route. LP Cart’s heads-up LCD displays, RF, put-to-light and patented Perpetual Picking™ software maximize batch picking, e-commerce order fulfillment, third-party fulfillment and other cart-based operations.

Automated picking cart batch picking software display.

Continuous Performance.

Lightning Pick’s patented Perpetual Picking batch optimization algorithm keeps pickers productive on every pass, even when all the cart’s original batch wave totes or cartons are full. Perpetual Picking tracks the cart’s real-time location in the warehouse, continuously directing pickers throughout their entire pick path.

Order picking cart with pick-to-light system.

Add Speed to Any Cart.

Because they support batch picks of multiple orders simultaneously, mobile picking carts dramatically increase overall picking speed by up to 200%. Batch picking also boosts picking speeds up to 40% over conventional, paper-based picking. LP Cart technology can be applied to any cart size, design or configuration. Plus, the technology can be retrofitted to existing pick carts for a cost-efficient upgrade to automated picking.

Special Features

  • Lightning Pick’s unique batch picking technology can be applied to virtually any type or style of picking carts.
  • The system utilizes lights engineered for carts, or other mobile applications, where low power consumption is key.
  • Perpetual Pick sends pickers to complete single picks located nearby, even if the original batch order bins are full.
  • On-board Android touchscreen tablets guide operators to the correct pick face and cart put locations.
  • Adding an optional speaker system enables the incorporation of voice-directed picking into a cart picking process.

Pick Cart Video

► See the LP Cart in Action

Get introduced to Lightning Pick’s patented Perpetual Picking system. This video shows how the software’s algorithms direct continuous batch picking of multiple orders through every pass of the warehouse.

Batch picking vitamin and supplement products with LP Cart.

LP Cart: Vitamin and Supplement Picking

► Symbion Consumer

Symbion Consumer, a Australian vitamin supplement company boosted accuracy and performance – while cutting its labor requirements – by implementing a mobile picking cart system.

Multiple order picking carts for automated batch picking processes.

Patented Perpetual Picking Productivity 

► LP Cart

Lightning Pick’s Mobile Pick Carts offer major productivity gains (up to 40%) and nearly 100% order accuracy compared to paper-based picking or even operations already using some standalone form of pick automation (RF, Voice, Pick-to-Light).

Light-directed batch picking sortation.

Batch Picking

► Three Critical Features for Order Fulfillment Operations

Cart-based batch picking reduces travel time so more orders can be filled with lower pick errors or labor costs. This white paper will help identify if mobile picking carts are right for your operation.


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