LP Pick and LP Put at Vera Bradley’s New Indiana DC

Modern Materials Handling magazine September issue cover story features Lightning Pick in “Vera Bradley’s Multi-Channel Success”

The handbag and accessories maker’s new DC was designed to handle store replenishment, wholesale distribution and direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales under one roof.

Photo: MMH.com

Photo: MMH.com

The article describes how Vera Bradley’s new Fort Wayne, Indiana facility uses Lightning Pick’s pick-to-light to handle retail and DTC order fulfillment:

It features three multi-level pick modules. Faster moving SKUs are picked in two three-level modules. In those, associates are directed by the pick-to-light system.

The DC also uses LP Put put-to-light stations (also known as “put walls”) for certain DTC orders:

One is a put wall for direct-to-consumer orders with more than one item. This is a wall with 18 bin locations that are enabled by lights. Each bin represents a customer order. Totes with SKUs for larger Web orders are conveyed to the put wall area. When an associate scans a UPC bar code label from items in the tote, lights indicate which bins will receive product from that tote. Once all the items for an order are put in the bin, a light on the other side of the wall alerts a packer that the sorting is complete and orders are ready to be packed.

“More than 60% of our Web orders are multi-unit orders,” says [Dave] Gealy, [senior director of distribution]. “Using the put wall takes the hunting and pecking for items out of the process.” The put wall, he adds, has realized a nice improvement in labor costs associated with filling multi-unit orders.

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