Matthews Automation Solutions Showcases “Fulfillment Forward” Solutions

Matthews Fulfillment Forward theme

See state-of-the-art technologies in an integrated, flexible material handling system deliver end-to-end order fulfillment process optimization.

In ProMat Booth S1631, the Matthews Automation Solutions exhibit, “Fulfillment Forward,” displays a complete, integrated order fulfillment process throughout MHI-sponsored ProMat in Chicago’s McCormick Place, April 8–11, 2019. The live demo incorporates best-in-class solutions from Matthews’ three warehouse automation brands—Compass Engineering, Lightning Pick and Pyramid—including pick-to-light, put walls, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), conveyor controls, and order finishing automation with print-and-apply labeling, all managed by advanced warehouse execution software (WES).

With a combined 60-plus years of expertise, Matthews’ warehouse automation brands deliver innovative material handling solutions and proven results for major corporations worldwide. Specializing in optimization of order fulfillment tasks—such as picking, sortation, packing and finishing—Matthews has helped multiple leading brands transition their legacy distribution operations into rapid response fulfillment centers, enabling them to enhance their competitive positions in the e-commerce and omni-channel marketplace. As customer expectations have quickly morphed from two- to one-day—and even same-day—delivery, Matthews is uniquely positioned to help fulfillment operations boost throughput, capacity, accuracy and cost efficiency.

The Fulfillment Forward theme exemplifies Matthews’ established ability to manage, synchronize and execute the myriad tasks required to fill an order from start to finish. The theme also describes Matthews’ dedication to growing its solution suite and advancing the industry forward through the adoption and integration of emerging technologies like robotics. Matthews’ Fulfillment Forward approach enables distributors to apply the right combinations of automation and software for their specific challenges today, with the flexibility and scalability to meet future needs.

Tour Matthews’ ProMat Booth

Light-Directed Picking:

ProMat attendees begin at a cluster (or batch) picking display, where multiple orders are picked simultaneously with pick-to-light. Instead of being sorted to a light-directed cart or conveyor-based light sled, item puts are applied to Matthews’ new autonomous mobile robot (AMR). Matthews AMRs offer different attachments, each designed to address a specific application. This AMR has shelving to hold multiple totes. Light modules are also affixed to the shelving to ensure items are sorted to the right order, and in the correct quantity. Matthews’ bot-assisted picking solution enables operators to concentrate on their main task—picking—without spending time handling carts or interacting with conveyors.

Put Wall Sortation:

Once the picks are complete, the AMR travels to a sortation area. There, operators transfer the totes from the bot onto a roller conveyor adjacent to one of two put walls. There, a fast scan-and-put process sorts batches of mixed-SKU merchandise into individual customer orders. The put walls display a variety of popular light configuration approaches, including touchless task confirmation modules. These Lightning Pick modules incorporate photo-eye sensors that enable operators to confirm a put without pushing a button. The lights also illuminate in seven colors, allowing users to associate specific quantities, tasks or other operator information with a specific color.

The Matthews’ put walls feature a two-sided configuration, meaning as orders are completed on the pick sortation side, operators on the packout side receive light-directed packing directions. Message displays and multi-color lighting options can be customized to enhance pack-out process requirements. Orders marked finished are pulled from the wall and placed into cartons on a nearby packing workstation. An operator then packs completed orders into a shipping carton.

Order Finishing:

After a completed order is packed in its associated shipping carton, a second Matthews’ AMR—outfitted with a motor-driven roller (MDR) conveyor top—transports the carton to a 10-foot length of MDR conveyor to begin the order finishing process. The two MDR conveyors communicate to time the transfer of the carton from bot to order finishing line, upon which the carton travels beneath a print-and-apply labeler that adds the shipping label and completes the order. Additionally, two Matthews’ AMR conveyor-top bots will be on display. One set at a standard height; the other featuring a scissor-lift powered, adjustable height conveyor deck that reaches surfaces as high as 38 inches.

Software and Sensors:

The entire demo is managed by Matthews’ three software options from Lightning Pick, Pyramid and Compass Engineering. Lightning Pick’s picking systems software integrate directly with a customer’s existing warehouse management software (WMS), or warehouse execution software such as Pyramid Director location-hosted WES, or the Compass Order Routing System (CORS), a web-hosted WES. Both of Matthews’ WES offerings integrate and optimize islands of automation, provide centralized system control, balance workflow and increase visibility for superior decision support. A WES Command Center display will feature all three software products on display, including real-time dashboards.

Also on display is integrated camera technology that shares visual information back to the Command Center. This may be used to identify issues on the line such as carton jams or other operating errors. At ProMat, this will display anytime a bot stops due to pedestrian safety sensors.

Matthews’ Experts Present Free On-Floor Educational Seminar: Wednesday, April 10

In addition to the Fulfillment Forward exhibit, three of Matthews automation solution experts will present a free, on-show-floor educational seminar on Wednesday, April 10. The “Using Proven Material Handling Automation and Emerging Bot Technologies to Optimize Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Order Fulfillment” session runs from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. in Theater I. The session is hosted by Matthews Automation Solutions’ Gary Cash, Vice President of Solution Development and Dave Remsing, Vice President of Market Development. The pair will be joined by Dr. Paul Rivers, Managing Director of Guidance Automation, part of Matthews Applied Technologies Group. The three will walk through multiple ways to combine traditional material handling automation with emerging robotic technologies for optimized order fulfillment.

See Fulfillment Forward in action at ProMat 2019 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, April 8–11, 2019. For more information, contact Lynn Drewicz, Marketing Manager, Matthews Automation Solutions at [email protected], 262.250.2169, or visit

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Matthews Automation Solutions—a division of Matthews International Corporation—provides integrated hardware and software solutions that streamline processes, boost throughput and solve global supply challenges for manufacturers and distributors worldwide. For automation challenges in manufacturing, fulfillment or distribution, Matthews’ combined expertise delivers the integrated solution that meets an organization’s needs today, and grows with them tomorrow.

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