Lightning Pick Version 7.1 Released


Redesigned graphical user interface (GUI) complements new streamlined dashboards for complete, single view insights into all light-directed picking systems.

Lightning Pick, a part of Matthews Automation Solutions, has released Lightning Pick 7.1, the latest version of their order fulfillment execution software. Lightning Pick software provides full system management and optimization capabilities, plus drives performance for the provider’s pick-to-light, put-to-light, pack-to-light, picking carts and other light-directed process improvement solutions.
Version 7.1 represents a major move forward for the product, as well as the underlying infrastructure for its construction. New version highlights include:

LP Ops Manager

Lightning Pick offers access to the system through two separate, pre-configurable permission levels. The LP Ops Manager level is intended for day-to-day access by managers and team leaders on the facility floor, allowing them to easily add products and locations, adjust staffing and work zones, expedite hot orders, access real-time productivity statistics, verify order volumes and monitor all system activities. The LP Management Console level allows for administrative back-end system setup of pick waves, and complex system configurations and programming modifications.

Full Omnichannel Control

Today Lightning Pick has many users leveraging multiple Lightning Pick products in one facility, or across several in their supply chain network. It’s common to see a customer with LP Put for e-commerce order fulfillment, LP Pack for retail store replenishment, or other solution combinations to optimize several fulfillment processes. Now all of these different light-directed processes can be viewed and managed through the same LP Ops Manager, Management Console and Dashboards.

Fully Redesigned User InterfaceDashboard_DataYourWay

Lightning Pick is a Microsoft Silver ISV Partner, and Lightning Pick software is built on the latest Microsoft technologies. Version 7.1 features a modern and easy-to-navigate graphical user interface (GUI), purposefully designed to align with user interface advances Microsoft has made across their Office tools and other productivity software.

The new look accompanies an expansion in functionality, allowing the software to give users a single point of access to multiple Lightning Pick light-directed picking systems in a single facility or across a network of distribution centers (DCs). The application can be used on desktop computers, tablets or other mobile devices.

Lightning Pick 7.1’s new interface and functionality are available as an application upgrade to existing Lightning Pick software customers, and will be included in all new installations going forward.

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