MODEX 2012 Preview

Matthews Automation Solutions Booth 2125 Preview

MODEX 2012, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta
February 6-9

Pick rate challenge of RF picking vs. pick-to-light.

Pick Rate Challenge
RF Picking is an excellent way to increase order fulfillment accuracy. Many popular WMS, ERP or other inventory management software products include RF picking modules, making RF adoption a sound progression from paper-based methods.

Yes, order quality is critical, but another major contributor to high customer satisfaction is speed. Faster pick rates means shorter cycle times, and the ability to meet today’s expectations of building orders right and delivering them now.

Pick-to-light is accurate and often acknowledged as the fastest operator-based pick technology available. But can PTL pick that many more lines per hour than an existing RF system? In Booth 2125 you can personally experience the two technologies picking the same order profile head-to-head.

Plus see some of the other pioneering software and hardware technologies that make Lightning Pick the top selling provider of light-directed solutions in North America, and growing.

Lightning Pick pick-to-light software dashboard showing Holjeron conveyor control tote progress.

LP Dashboard
Our newest version dashboard is a centralized data console that gives granular performance visibility across multiple facilities, or down to individual pickers. See LP Dashboard be a viewport presenting data streams from sources beyond Lightning Pick order fulfillment, such as conveyor controls, printer alerts, company news feeds, web data or a wide variety of others.

Lightning Pick mobile pick-to-light app order progress screen.

LP Mobile
This cross platform smartphone mobile LP Mobile App iPhone app provides real-time productivity statistical data updates including Area or Zone Overview, Facility Order Progress, Box  Contents and more. LP Mobile also enables users to execute actual operational system changes without being on the pick line or at a Lightning Pick workstation. Utilize key decision support data to make timely responses – anywhere you have your phone and internet service!

Lightning Pick NW Series wireless pick-to-light systems on totes.

LP Wireless Pick-to-Light
The first truly wireless pick-to-light hardware in the market, the new NW Series devices are ideal for processes without traditional rack infrastructure yet can benefit from light-directed picking. Using ePaper technology like the Amazon Kindle, NW uses less power and can show a wide variety of numeric/text display options including functional bar codes.

Lightning Pick pick-by-light systems hardware catalog.

Speaking of hardware, Lightning Pick’s unmatched light device product catalog offers multiple model series. Fully interoperable, each series has numerous profile size, LED color, digit display and other special feature options. All device models run on a common, field proven component architecture platform to perfectly configure your best light-directed processes.

Pack-to-light for sorting full cases of merchandise into retail store replenishment cartons.

Also known as put-to-light or put-to-store, LP Pack enables you to sort full cases of merchandise to retail store replenishment order cartons with laser speed. Lightning Pick’s powerful pack-to-light/put-to-light software successfully manages flow-through sortation processes throughout multiple distribution centers across demanding supply networks.

See you in Atlanta! If you’d like to set up a specific time to see the Pick Rate Challenge, our new products or discuss your upcoming projects please email [email protected] or call 262-250-2143 today!

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