NW Series.

Lightning Pick NW Series

Wireless pick-to-light.

Lightning Pick’s exclusive NW Series wireless pick-to-light hardware enables pick-to-light users to expand their applications to product locations that lack rack or shelving infrastructure, or must be continuously mobile. Examples include pallet locations on open floors and product bins located on monorails or carts.

NW Series Pick-to-light light module

E-Paper is Key.

NW Series takes advantage of several recent technological advances, allowing the modules to remain active for long periods between recharges. The most important of these is the use of white paper electronic display technology (used in eBook readers like Amazon’s Kindle). White paper lights retain and display information without the need to draw power. The system runs on a low-power radio technology that uses a fraction of the energy required by traditional Wi-Fi networks.

NW Series Pick-to-light light module

Unique Data Display.

NW Series lights present data in unique ways, including numbers, text and even barcodes. High-contrast, white on black information is easy to read and clear from long distances and a wide range of viewing angles. The fully functional barcode displays augment or replace shelf, rack or bin labels when scans are needed. This can be useful for applications such as checking lot numbers against the warehouse management system (WMS).

NW Series Pick-to-light light module

Mobile and Easily Configurable.

Within Lightning Pick software, wireless locations are configured in the same way as our traditional, track-mounted lights. Bays and zones can leverage a combination of track and wireless modules. Lightning Pick’s wireless pick-to-light is a truly mobile and environmentally-friendly technology, with highly flexibile application and messaging options to match your unique requirements.

Special Features

  • NW Series wireless lights’ employ white paper technology, displaying information without a continuous power supply to provide a truly mobile and green pick-to-light system.
  • Modules typically operate for 160 hours between recharges.
  • Employs a proprietary radio technology that requires less energy than Wi-Fi networks.
  • The wireless module system uses wireless controllers that communicate with the Lightning Pick server via Ethernet. In turn, the wireless controllers communicate with radio master units.
  • The modules have a range of approximately 90 feet (30 meters).
  • Offered in 3-digit/character and 5-digit/character versions and features a large multi-color indicator light/task confirmation button.
  • The system is configured through set-up utilities which run on any Windows-based PC.
  • Can be combined with classic, wired and rack-mounted Lightning Pick systems.

Wireless Pick-to-Light Video

► Mobile, Green Pick-to-Light Technology

See the NW Series lights work with traditional, rack mounted pick-to-light systems enabling a variety of mobile and dynamic pick, put and pack solutions.


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