Automate Order Fulfillment Sortation with Two-Sided, Light-Directed LP Put Wall System.

Lightning Pick’s “pick-to-light in reverse” system that optimizes batch picking and high-speed order sortation on display in MODEX Booth 7609.

putotlight_homepage_applicationsGERMANTOWN, WI (January 21, 2014) — Space-efficient and economical, the dual-sided LP Put Wall system utilizes light-directed picking modules for high-speed, automated batch sortation, making it ideal for e-commerce order fulfillment. The LP Put Wall will be displayed at MODEX 2014 in the Matthews Automation Solutions’ exhibit, Booth 7609. The system is designed, engineered and manufactured by Lightning Pick.

The LP Put Wall solution optimizes batch and wave picking—as well as high-speed, one- and two-line order sortation operations—with a process sometimes called “pick-to-light in reverse.” Constructed as a series of shelves that have been divided vertically into multiple openings (or “cubbies”), or that hold empty bins or totes. Each space represents a unique customer order. Further, the LP Put Wall has openings both front and back. Each opening is equipped with a light-directed picking module on both sides.

After a tote is filled with larger quantities of mixed products required to fill customer or store orders from the storage section of a warehouse, it is delivered to an operator at the sortation side of the LP Put Wall station. When the operator scans an item’s barcode, lights illuminate to indicate the put location and quantity of the item required to fill that unique order. The operator sorts the products into the designated locations, then presses a button to confirm that the order is complete. This triggers corresponding lights on the pack-out side of the LP Put Wall to illuminate, letting packers know when a completed order can be taken away for final packing.

“Utilizing put-to-light technology speeds up picking productivity from rates of 60 lines per hour to as many as 400 lines per hour, while bumping accuracy up to 99.9%,” notes Jim Bast, Vice President and General Manager of Lightning Pick.

Scalable and easy-to-use with minimal training, LP Put Walls are a cost-effective way to automate picking without requiring installation of a full pick-to-light system at every pick face. Instead, using a put-to-light system supports the automated picking of an unlimited number of stock keeping units (SKUs), including those that cannot be categorized by velocity.

In addition to their use in e-commerce and store order sortation and packing, LP Put Walls can also be used for returns processing, secondary batch pick sortation, kitting processes, putaway, replenishment and order consolidation.

A dual-sided LP Put Wall demo system can be seen in action at the Matthews Automation Solutions’ exhibit, Booth 7609, throughout MODEX 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia—March 17-20.

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