LP Notify: Providing system self-health check automation.

LP Notify provides Lightning Pick system self-health check automation for preventative maintenance and proactive support.

LP Notify pick-to-light system preventative maintenance self-health check automation.

LP Notify takes customer support to a new level by constantly monitoring Lightning Pick applications with automated system health checks. If an issue arises, a message is sent to Lightning Pick , enabling them to provide an unmatched level of proactive system support.

LP Notify provides a no-cost option to Lightning Pick maintenance contract customers. Lightning Pick automatically receives information regarding the status of the Customer’s Lightning Pick system. This information is monitored to proactively identify possible issues before they occur and can
also be used to perform periodic system “check-ups” which will provide the customer with a status report regarding the “health” of their Lightning Pick system.

Windows and Lightning Pick system parameter and log information is automatically captured and sent periodically to Lightning Pick via the Internet, using Microsoft Message Queuing. A tracking database at Lightning Pick Technologies receives the information and is scanned to identify and flag potentially problematic events.

These events are immediately routed in real-time to a Lightning Pick engineer for evaluation. Contact is made with the customer to make them aware of the situation (often before the customoer themeselves are even aware of the issue). Together, an action plan is developed and the situation resolved. Contact Lightning Pick today to learn about specific customer case studies of LP
Notify in Action.


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