Multi-modal order picking environments.

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Lightning Pick Version 5.4 optimizes multi-modal order picking environments.

One order fulfillment automation technology provides pick-to-light, voice-directed picking and RF picking systems to provide paperless productivity throughout operations with multiple picking processes.
Lightning Pick Management Console Orders

Lightning Pick Management Console Orders

Germantown, WI – February 12, 2009: Lightning Pick Technologies, a leading provider of Pick-to-Light and other advanced order fulfillment execution solutions, today announced that Lightning Pick© Version 5.4 supports multi-modal order fulfillment environments and applications.

Distribution centers frequently manage multiple picking activities to execute their daily order fulfillment volume. Now Lightning Pick enables multi-modal distributors to utilize the ideal automation tool for each process, all managed through one software platform. The Lightning Pick Solution Suite’s modular architecture allows users to install standalone Pick-to-Light, Voice or RF directed picking systems or develop a variety of fully integrated application combinations for end-to-end process optimization.

This approach also has the advantage of requiring just one interface with the customers’ host system to share order files and other data. Lightning Pick has proven interfaces with several of the leading providers of ERP, WMS and other major business systems for reliable integration and performance.

Lightning Pick Version 5.4 also introduces the LP Dashboard, an advanced Productivity Data Analytics Tool utilizing next generation graphical user interface to provide superior visibility and decision support. The Dashboard enables any executive, manager or supervisor to easily view pick rate productivity, accuracy, throughput and other vital statistics in their order fulfillment operation in a variety of high impact two and three dimension­al chart and graph formats.

For more information call 262-250-2100, toll-free at 800-827-8878 or email [email protected].


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