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Lightning Pick LP Light Sled

MMH1502_promat_lightningpickWEBLight-directed picking sled optimizes cluster picking efficiency

Fast and accurate, the LP Light Sled by Lightning Pick maximizes cluster picking speed by combining the benefits of pick-to-cart, pick-to-conveyor, pick-to-light and put-to-light order fulfillment methodologies into one system.

The horizontal sled enables several order cartons to be grouped together and travel on conveyor throughout a facility, stopping at each storage zone that contains items required by the orders on the sled. Software driven, a cluster feature allows users to build a group of orders and assign them to a specific sled with light modules attached.

As the sled enters each pick-to-light enabled storage zone, the operator scans the sled’s bar code. This triggers the required items’ light-enabled storage positions to illuminate and pick quantities to be displayed at each pick face location. The operator then distributes items as indicated by lights on the sled, then sends it on to the next zone until all orders are complete.

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