Voice-Directed Picking.

Voice picking for order fulfillment.

Voice solutions for low- to medium-volume, or full-case picking.

Voice-directed picking offers a cost-effective alternative for applications with a large number of products and pick volume that does not justify pick-to-light. The LP Voice module can operate as a standalone picking system, or in conjunction with Lightning Pick lights to form an integrated solution.

Lightning Pick Voice Directed Picking

Full Pick Automation System.

Integration with the overall Lightning Pick software suite allows the user to configure some areas for voice-based picking, and others for pick-to-light picking. All areas share a common host interface so that higher-level systems — such as warehouse management systems (WMS) and business hosts — view the pick area as a single, unified process.

Pick Process Control.

For the picker, LP Voice offers complete control over the pick process, with commands for shortage handling, pick skipping and repeat. The voice terminal display shows location and quantity information as a visual aid. The system supports scanning of product, location barcode, confirmations, or spoken location check digits.

LP Voice with RF Picking

Integrated RF.

The LP Voice-directed picking module can be used with Symbol Technologies’ WT4000 series of wearable mobile computers. Designed for hands-free operation, the WT4000 series delivers increased productivity to voice-directed order picking. Worn on either the wrist or the hip, the WT4000 series allows users to move freely and scan data, access business-critical information, and accurately perform data entry in real-time.

Lightning Pick Pickman

Special Features

  • Utilizes non-proprietary Windows devices, combined with Lightning Pick’s unique speech direction and recognition software.
  • Supports an unlimited number of voice-directed pickers in an area, working at the same time.
  • Supports annotation of long product descriptions, quantity short,
    quantity skip and repeat functions.
  • Scanning of product, location barcode, confirmations or spoken location check digits.
  • LP Voice can be a standalone picking system, or work in conjunction with Lightning Pick’s light-directed and/or RF picking solutions to form a fully-integrated order fulfillment execution solution.

Pick-to-Light Video

► See Lightning Pick in Action

See how multiple Lightning Pick customers have increased the speed and accuracy of their piece picking operations with our pick-to-light systems.

Pick-by-Light System for retail order picking

Pick-to-Light: Big Box Retail Supplier Case Study

 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=2 linktext=’*The Hillman Group’ /]

This leading supplier of fasteners uses Lightning Pick to accurately pick similar-looking boxes of product to fulfill orders for big box and other retailers. Read how Lightning Pick’s system enables them to pick more orders at greater speeds and quality, but with less labor.


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