New FAQ – Lightning Pick goes live with searchable product knowledge database.


Lightning Pick is pleased to announce the addition of a new Frequently Asked Questions section to the LP Customer Zone.  The new FAQ feature is a searchable product knowledge base providing fast, complete answers to customer support questions.

Last fall Lightning Pick went live with the completely updated LP Customer Zone, the customer-only access area of the website. The Customer Zone is an online communications channel offering our user community additional product training and support materials.

Several customers participated in Go to Meeting ‘web tours’ Lightning Pick offered throughout December and January to introduce these new tools.  The new Zone interface and features received a strongly positive response, some comments included:

“The Customer Zone is great, really will be beneficial as it provides a lot of useful information at my fingertips.”

“The manuals and help guides will be a useful resource instead of always calling or emailing our engineer—a good starting off point to troubleshoot.”

“Lightning Pick is ‘light years’ ahead of other companies in terms of the content of the customer zone, technology and relationship with their customers.”

“The LP Notify self-health check system and the software’s built-in Help System take great care of our maintenance and support needs. The Customer Zone provides yet another information channel for users who prefer online support methods.”

Some of our Zone Tour participants suggested that an FAQ section would be very helpful to the way they preferred using the internet for fast information. So we’re pleased to go live this month with the new FAQ section. The Frequently Asked Questions page is a fully searchable online product knowledge database, providing users with step-by-step answers to the most common Lightning Pick system hardware and software usage or maintenance related questions. These include instructions on replacing light modules, changing work plans, adding scanners, Error Code definitions and many, many others.

Just type your question or related term (for example, “Ethernet junction box”)in the Search field, then a results page will present the related answer(s), along with links to any supplementary PDFs or illustrations corresponding to that topic.

If you would like to schedule a Zone Tour to explore the new FAQ database or other zone features, please contact [email protected] or 262-250-2143. If you are a Customer Zone subscriber and do not see the answer you’re looking for, you can always contact our 24/7/365 Lightning Pick Support Line at 800-827-8878 for a fast response to your needs.

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