Modern Materials Handling October Cover Story on Luxottica’s Georgia Logistics Center Includes Lightning Pick Put Walls

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In the October 2018 issue of Modern Materials Handling, Editorial Director Bob Trebilcock takes readers on a tour of eyewear designer, manufacturer and distributor Luxottica’s new facility in McDonough, Georgia.

Among the multiple technologies and material handling equipment installed throughout the operation, seven of Lightning Pick’s light-directed put walls are used to sort what the company defines as “medium orders”—those that have anywhere from two to 40 items that are batch picked from active pick locations. As multiple line orders are sent down an incline conveyor, they route to one of the seven put walls. There, a waiting associate scans each item and then is directed by lights to place it in a specific cubby destination that corresponds to a unique order.

Lights on the opposite side of the put walls illuminate once an order has received all required items. This prompts a packer on that side to select a shipping container and pack the items into it before applying a license plate number (LPN) and routing it to an overhead dunnage system for fill, as well as weighing, sealing and labeling.

The full article can be read, here. The piece also includes a step-by-step diagram with callouts explaining each step of the distribution center’s operation, found here.

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