Lightning Pick Customer Capacity Further Expands Automated, Robotic Picking Investments

put walls

Lightning Pick Put Walls at Capacity 3PL Fulfillment Center

Capacity LLC, a third-party fulfillment service provider and Lightning Pick customer, recently announced further investments in automation and robotics. The company is partnering with RightHand Robotics to integrate robotic piece-picking into their current process. Upon completion, a series of robotic workstations will be integrated with existing warehouse material handling systems, including those supplied by Lightning Pick.

Currently handling thousands of e-commerce orders every hour, Capacity partnered with Lightning Pick to implement an advanced order fulfillment solution to manage future demand. The solution includes automated picking carts and integrated put walls that work together for batch picking order waves, then sorting to individual customers orders. Additionally, a two-sided put system directs box kitting, pack-out and other value-added services.

The company’s initial use of robotic piece-picking automation builds upon Capacity’s strategy of deploying these types of engineered systems that improve speed, accuracy and flexibility to meet its clients’ omni-channel fulfillment needs.

When Capacity sought a robotic piece-picking solution, its goals included finding a system that could pick and place a wide range of items at high rates with reliability, explainsCo-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Thom Campbell.

“We quickly concluded that many of the [robotic] systems entering the market would not meet our needs,” said Capacity’s Campbell. “We realized that the solution had to be imagined from the bottom up with an understanding of what was needed to solve our particular challenges.”

Read the full story, here.

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