Lightning Pick Version 6.1 Released.

Lightning Pick Version 6.1 features easier software deployment and enhanced Dashboard capabilities, managed through an advanced graphical user interface.

puttolight_datasheets_LPdashboard-largeGermantown, WI – January 20, 2011: Lightning Pick Technologies today announced the release of their Lightning Pick Version 6.1 software. Lightning Pick order fulfillment execution software manages and drives the performance of multiple paperless picking products including Pick to Light, Put to Light, Pack to Light (Put to Store), Voice and RF Picking. The new version promises increased ease of software installation and enhanced Dashboard capabilities, presented in a sophisticated graphical user interface.

Lightning Pick Version 6.1’s adoption of the Microsoft ClickOnce Deployment Model allows users to conveniently publish Windows-based applications to a server or network file share with simplified installation. ClickOnce is ideal for self-updating Windows-based applications that can be installed and run with minimal user interaction.  This approach overcomes major issues inherent in software deployment such as automatically updating Lightning Pick without reinstalling the entire application. Lightning Pick is now more ‘self-contained’ and therefore independent of versioning conflicts with other applications. Also security permissions offer more option flexibility, so users can install the software without involving high level administrative IT involvement if so desired.

LP Dashboard has become a popular application by giving users real-time productivity data on any Lightning Pick managed facility, area, zone or employee through one centralized visibility tool. Continued Dashboard development introduces new enhanced features in 6.1 including:

Marquee Mode – Automatic slide-show style display of multiple user-configured Templates.

XPS Document Display Capability  LP Dashboard now has a new Widget that can display an XPS document.

Web Page Display – Allows you to include Internet data in LP Dashboard. This includes weather, sports, stocks, company data, etc.

Use of the latest Windows development platforms has also produced an updated graphical user interface. Version 6.1’s stylish, intuitive new GUI provides even higher levels of usability and efficiency than previous versions of Lightning Pick.

Visit Booth 4219 to see Lightning Pick Version 6.1 in action, managing multiple paperless picking systems during ProMat 2011, March 21st through 24th at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.


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