What is Pick-to-Light?

example of a person picking using pick-to-light automation in a warehouse

Photo: Pick-to-light system in warehouse


Pick-to-Light is an operator-based picking strategy used for high-speed piece picking tasks. Lights positioned on racks or shelving in a distribution center guide employees to the correct locations and quantities required to execute broken case order fulfillment. Ideal for team-based approaches like zone picking, Lightning Pick systems can also be configured to optimize batch, cluster, and other popular order picking methodologies. Our “Automation Insights” blog article covers all the pertinent facts and benefits of pick-to-light systems for order fulfillment.

Read the article here: Pick-to-Light 101


Watch a short video demonstration of pick-to-light on YouTube:

This video shows a demonstration of light-directed order picking using the Lightning Pick system for fast and accurate warehouse order fulfillment.

Matthews Automation Solutions’ pick-to-light technologies continue to be the fastest growing light-directed picking user community with upwards of 1000 installations.

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Global brands partner with Matthews Automation Solutions to increase distribution and order fulfillment speed, accuracy and efficiency. Matthews’ broad portfolio of best-of-breed solutions—including leading material handling automation brands Compass, Lightning Pick and Pyramid—offers warehouse execution software, controls, pick-to-light, put walls, order finishing systems, autonomous mobile robots and more. Combined with 25 years of industry experience and proven integration with other material handling systems, Matthews delivers agile and scalable applications throughout the supply chain. Matthews Automation Solutions is a Matthews International company, servicing customers from two North American locations.

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