Matthews’ Light-Directed Systems Featured in Modern Materials Handling

person picking from divided tote using projection picking system

Pick-to-light is increasingly being used in integrated solutions

Modern Material Handling’s “Light-directed systems meet integrated solutions” article in their October 2023 issue reports on how light-directed solutions are evolving with some technology twists, including the combination with other systems to create hybrid solutions.

From Warehousing to Manufacturing, Integrations with Pick-to-Light Are Growing

With new advancements in pick-to-light such as projection picking, wearable devices, and pick-to-light for manufacturing, companies are seeing how light-enabled workflows can be combined with one another, robotics and many other technologies to suit the application and maximize efficiency.

As the article states, “The upshot is that while more highly automated approaches are out there today, traditional lights may suit operational needs and budgets, and they get leverage in other ways, too, so don’t expect lights to go away.”

New Innovations

Bernie McCabe, sales manager at Matthews Automation, was interviewed for the article. He sees more integration between robotics, automation and put walls on the near horizon.

“We’ve also seen some interest in lights and projection working in combination with one another in a hybrid way,” says McCabe. “For example, you might have an AMR that’s arriving at a location without the benefit of lights, so you could choose to do a projected image on top of it to guide accurate unloading and put away of items, but then you could have the operator at that station using a more traditional pick-to-light to guide serialized assembly. In some scenarios, projection and traditional lights can play well together.”

Read the entire article about evolving pick-to-light technology.

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