Green light – Lightning Pick’s solutions are environmentally friendly

Lightning Pick hardware is constructed with recyclable materials

Lightning Pick pick-by-light systems hardware

The ecologically and economically sound choice for pick-to-light

Germantown, WI – June 1, 2008: Lightning Pick Technologies, a leading provider of advanced order fulfillment execution solutions, announced today that their LP Pick pick-to-light product and other light-directed fulfillment technologies are truly “green”.

Lightning Pick provides an ecologically and economically sound alternative to using the substantial amounts of paper pick tickets and labels required by manual picking operations. Pick, Put and Pack-to-Light order selection and sortation strategies are paperless, and therefore conserve natural resources.

Lightning Pick MW Series Pick-to-Light System

Conserving Energy

Light-directed picking methodologies also address energy concerns by consuming lower amounts of electricity than other automated picking methods. Whereas other automated approaches involve sustained energy resources, Lightning Pick’s typical light module requires a mere 1.3 watts of power. And that is only required for short intervals, until a pick is made, and the light is extinguished.

In addition, all connections in proximity to the employees using the system carry only 12 Volts DC. This virtually eliminates electrical safety issues which can come up with other systems which must use line voltages.

The LED lamps in the Lightning Pick modules provide a highly visible, bright and clear light at much lower power levels than other methods of illuminating part or product locations in a pick line.

Commitment to the Environment

“We are aware of global environmental concerns and the increasing impact this issue will have on supply chain practices”, said Jim Bast, General Manager for Lightning Pick Technologies, “This is why Lightning Pick’s recent product development has included a ‘green focus’ to be environmentally responsible and ready to support our customers in this growing trend”.

View case studies on how light-directed picking has increased operational efficiency and sustainability or email [email protected] or call 262-250-2100.

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