Lightning Pick Version 5.4 is released.

Press Release

New Advanced Pick-to-Light Software Version Introduces the LP Dashboard Graphical Productivity Data Analysis Tool and the new Lightning Pick QC Workstation.

Germantown, WI – July 14, 2008: Lightning Pick Technologies, a leading provider of pick-to-light and other advanced order fulfillment execution solutions, today announced the release of Lightning Pick© Version 5.4. This version introduces the new LP Dashboard, a graphical analytics tool providing managers with greater real-time visibility into the productivity of their order picking operations. Support of RF-based Cluster Picking methodologies, the capability for secondary locations for a single pick command, enhanced serial number data acquisition at the pick face and the new Lightning Pick QC Workstation are also among the new capabilities featured in this software release.

The new LP Dashboard provides real-time productivity data from Lightning Pick-controlled pick areas presented through next generation GUI design.

The Dashboard enables any executive, manager or supervisor to easily view pick rate productivity, accuracy, throughput and other vital statistics in their order fulfillment operation. Through simple point and click commands the highly intuitive graphical user interface enables data views in a variety of high impact two and three dimension­al chart and graph formats. The Dashboard uses simple drag and drop widgets allowing users to easily configure their own unique dashboard template. From live video camera feeds views of your pick line to individual operator productivity statistics, Lightning Pick can incorporate a virtually unlimited variety of data into the dashboard views.

The new Lightning Pick QC Workstation provides users with superior automated solutions for their order picking and Quality Check processes. More accurate than paper-based processes, QC operators now have a user-friendly, automated method of checking the quality of orders against the Lightning Pick real-time database. With the LP solution QC operators use corded handheld RF scanners to read barcodes on incoming totes. This displays all items required in the order on an eye-level LCD touch screen. After emptying the tote’s contents into a tray on one side of the station, each item is scanned on the flatbed scanner, ergo­nomically mounted on the workstation table-top.

As items are scanned, onscreen audio and visual feedback alerts the operator to mis-picks, over-picks, incorrect and missing products. The QC Workstation’s better interface eliminates constant keyboard and mouse usage because operators interact directly with large touch screen buttons instead. The Lightning Pick solution offers options for Customer-Specific Error Codes and additional descriptive text to fully optimize the QC process.

If you are a investigating technologies to improve your order picking, parts picking, kitting, sortation, manufacturing, QC or returns processing operations contact Lightning Pick today to learn how Lightning Pick Version 5.4 can maximize productivity, drive continuous improvement and reliably execute your best practice processes for a significant competitive advantage.

For more information call 262-250-2100, toll-free at 800-827-8878 or email [email protected].

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