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A new distribution center near Kansas City is expected to save GEAR For Sports a million dollars a year on distribution costs.

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September 1, 2004
By David Maloney

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Looking for a new sweatshirt of your favorite college sports team? Chances are that when you find it, the shirt will have passed through GEAR For Sports’ new Lenexa, Kansas distribution center. Designed to consolidate five separate warehouses, this new facility is in a league all its own.

Up to 70,000 shirts now ship from the DC daily. The ability to process such high volumes in the 300,000 square foot building is due to a sophisticated handling design from the Siggins Company. It includes narrow aisle storage, conveyors, a pop-up sorter, and a two-story pick module featuring 3,000 pick-to-light (PTL) units supplied by PCC Systems.

The Windows-based Lightning Pick pick-to-light system has saved tremendously on labor over processes in the old facilities. Before, workers selected individual orders into wheeled carts. Often the items in the orders would be quite a distance apart.

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