JW Series.

JW-Series Pick-to-Light Hardware

Duct-mounted light pick-to-light hardware.

The JW Series offers the same proven advantages of Lightning Pick’s Twin-Wire™ architecture as our TW Series hardware. JW and TW’s bezel design is virtually identical, providing the same user interface deployed at hundreds of TW installations for pick-to-light, put walls, put stations, picking carts and more.

Proven Performance and Flexibility.

JW Series shares the same exclusive core Twin-Wire design advantages of all our lights. The duct- (or bus-) based track light design provides superior levels of installation, easy maintenance and system expansion.

Fully enclosedLightning Pick JW- Series Light Module

Enclosed, Green Modules.

JW lights feature a fully-enclosed casing, further protecting the lights from damage and debris. JW is also manufactured from non-toxic plastic, allowing its mounting duct to fully break down into recyclable materials at the end of its useful life.

Lightning Pick JW Series Zero Digit Light Module

For New or Existing LP Systems.

The JW family integrates with all other Lightning Pick light module hardware families — including the popular TW Series, which has been the industry standard for more than 10 years.

JW Series pick-to-light module

Special Features

  • JW lights operate independently (no interconnected cabling); power and data flow through the duct.
  • The duct-based, track light style design allows for easy re-slotting to accommodate product additions or pick face size changes.
  • Convenient surface mounting onto existing rack, shelving, workstations or other material storage media reduces installation time and costs.
  • Lightning Pick’s system architecture has been tested by and proven at hundreds of leading companies, with more than one million lights installed worldwide.
JW-Series / TW-Series Light Module Comparison

Compare Light Module Product Families

 JW and TW Series Comparison

Lightning Pick’s JW Series is an environmentally friendly evolution of the popular TW Series, made with non-toxic materials that easily break down for recycling. Both series offer a proven track light style design, enabling light modules to operate independently (without interconnected cabling). This allows fast and easy system installation, reconfiguration (reslotting), expansion and maintenance.


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