Photo-eye sensor pick-to-light for light curtain


Three-digit display light module with photo-eye sensor.

Lightning Pick light curtain light module.

All models of Lightning Pick’s AW Series light devices share several features which are making them an increasingly popular choice by manufacturing groups utilizing them for parts picking, kitting, assembly, sequencing and other production-related material handling processes.

Lightning Pick AW2038PF light curtain pick-to-light module in manufacturing application.

AW Series light devices are the only lights in the marketplace that can be installed on both flat and curved surfaces, such as tube or pipe rack workstations (besides Lightning Pick’s SW or ‘small profile’ light series). Standard flat rack brackets or pipe clamps are available (some applications may require custom mounting materials depending on the project).

The AW2038FE (Photo-Eye) model shares these capabilities plus offers a distinctive additional one – totally hands-free pick confirmation. Like all Lightning Pick light device series, the large ‘indicator’ LED (which directs operators to the correct product/part locations) is also the action confirmation button. However, the AW2038PE also has a reflective-style photo-eye sensor which confirms activity when an operator breaks the plane of light. The sensor’s range is adjustable and easily configured to meet specific application requirements. Unit dimensions are 6”L x 2.5”H x 1.25”D.

Lightning Pick AW2038PF photo-eye sensor light module drawing.

The AW2038PF has many applications. As seen below, besides optimizing traditional parts bin locations they can be a great method of ensuring the right tools are being selected from the tray for the active job.

Lightning Pick AW2038PF pick-to-light module with photo-eye sensor on a tool tray.

Lightning Pick’s Photo-Eye Light furnishes manufacturers with the quality and speed of light-directed operations and also removes the button push confirmation some lean operations perceive as wasted motion. For more information about the AW2038FE please call 262-250-2143 or email [email protected] for more details.

You can also see the AW2038PF and other Lightning Pick light device series in action on our Build2Light demo September 20th – 22nd during the Assembly & Automation Technology Expo, Booth 1073 at McCormick Place South, Chicago IL.

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