New Put-to-Light Website

Lightning Pick launches a Website Focusing on Put-to-Light Solutions, Applications & Advantages

put-to-light in action for store carton sortation

Put-to-light systems are a great way to sort batch-picked product or full cases of merchandise across multiple locations, each location having a container or tote associated with a specific customer order. With put-to-light, operators scan a bar code on the product or on the full case of product, and the locations representing a store (or customer needing that item) illuminates.

Over the past few months, Lightning Pick has noted steadily growing interest in put systems, most frequently in regards to retail store replenishment applications (also called pack-to-light or put-to-store). Perhaps this is due to the fact that put-to-light is a highly cost- and space-efficient means of optimizing a wide variety of processes, from ecommerce order fulfillment to returns processing.

Therefore, the Lightning Pick team decided to create a new online resource dedicated to addressing the unique aspects of put solutions. In November 2009 Lightning Pick went live with

The new site focuses completely on the system components, applications and advantages of the light-directed sortation methodology. Case studies and videos featuring put-to-light are also available for download. A section called ‘Put to Store – Retail’ concentrates on the specialized usage of Put for replenishing retail store locations.

Put-to-light for full case sortation into retail store cartons for replenishment

Please visit today to learn more. We would enjoy hearing your comments about the new site; please send them or suggested content ideas to [email protected].

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