Rocky Brands Reboots Order Fulfillment with Lightning Pick

Kicking Up Productivity.

“We were packing about 134 pair per man-hour previously, today we’re up to about 183 and I have some people up over 200 units. It also has increased our throughput to the point where we can actually ship ecommerce same day up ’til 4:00 p.m.”

-Kevin Koster
Director of Distribution Services, Rocky Brands

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Rocky Brands is packing 200 more cartons per shift over their previous sortation system.

With their new LP Put system, Rocky’s order sorting speed jumped 37%.

Lightning Pick enables Rocky Brands to offer same-day shipping for e-commerce until 4:00PM.

Sizing Up the Challenge.

Rocky Brands needed to improve on the performance of their 20 year-old sorter to keep up with newly added brands and an increasing variety of fulfillment channels. They worked with Exceed Consulting and Matthews to create a solution that was fast, reliable and delivered capacity for their projected growth pattern.

Matthews and Exceed tested and installed the new put-to-light system without interrupting production. Lightning Pick software also takes Rocky’s existing wave picking system and optimizes load balancing across the put stations.

The Right Fit


Matthews Automation Solutions delivers order sortation at the speed of light, with LP PUT. Our unique, dual-sided put systems quickly and accurately direct sorting and packing, delivering a complete solution for e-commerce/direct-to-consumer fulfillment, direct-to-retail and more.

With put-to-light, operators scan an item and the locations representing a store or customer needing that item illuminate. Put-to-light is a space-efficient and economical method of fast, high-quality order sortation for companies with a large number of SKUs.

LP Put Brochure

Learn more about LP Put, the leading choice by top brands to maximize performance within their distribution centers. Read about popular put wall applications,  the super-fast ‘scan and sort’ process and major advantages for agile fulfillment operations.



Rocky Brands is a very diverse and dynamic fulfillment operation, processing orders for:

  • Direct-to-Retail
  • E-commerce, Direct-to-Customer
  • Third Party
  • Direct-to-Independent Customers
  • Direct-to-Employer
  • Factory Direct-to-Customer

All of these orders flow through the Lightning Pick put solution, optimizing speed, accuracy and service levels across all of Rocky’s channels.

Stepping Up Business

  • All brands and channels are sorted and packed through the two-sided put system.
  • Created ‘virtual put’ singles processing line for e-commerce orders.
  • 37% increase in productivity.
  • 200+ cartons per shift throughput increase, running fewer sorter chutes than previous system.
  • Decreased order cycle times enable same-day e-commerce shipping up to 4:00PM.
  • Downsized shifts from 3 per day to 2.
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