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Capacity, a leading third-party fulfillment provider for global brands, handles thousands of e-commerce orders every hour.

To manage future demand, they partnered with Lightning Pick to implement an advanced order fulfillment solution. Automated picking carts and integrated put walls work together for batch picking order waves, then sorting to individual customers orders. Plus, the two-sided put system directs box kitting, pack-out and other value-added services.

Using the flexible system, Capacity’s fulfillment teams increased throughput for one top client from 2,500 orders per day to 12,000+. Watch this new solution in action.



Agile solutions support the optimization of multiple product lines and customers with a single, common automation solution.

Highly modular product design enables solutions to evolve with your requirements and allows incremental system expansions.

Scalable solutions deliver increased throughput and capacity to meet both current needs and future growth projections.

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Third-Party Logistics Order Fulfillment

Lightning Pick is a trusted technology partner to many third-party logistics (3PL) and third-party fulfillment (3PF) providers. We help 3PLs achieve advanced order fulfillment operations and service levels at reduced operational costs.

Photo courtesy of Capacity LLC

New 3PL Ebook

Download our new 12-page ebook/whitepaper on how flexibly engineered light-directed picking solutions increase retail 3PL/3PL throughput, accuracy and productivity.

Zen-Like Fulfillment Flow.

“We really don’t want the folks that are putting 1,200 units in an hour to be thinking about anything other than what I like to call their ‘video game.’ Really, training a new person on this system is like training somebody to use a video game. Scan the unit, see the light and press the button.”

-Jeff Kaiden
CEO, Capacity

LP Case Study: Capacity

See how Lightning Pick’s picking carts and put walls seamlessly integrate to boost e-commerce order fulfillment accuracy and productivity for third-party logistic provider (3PL), Capacity.

Unique Third-Party Challenges

As 3PLs focus more on e-commerce and omni-channel fulfillment, they must drive down costs and increase productivity within labor-intensive, unit-handling tasks. These include order picking, sorting, packing, assembly and potential value added steps throughout the process.

Many recognize the benefits of transitioning from paper-based, manual processes to pick automation. However, it’s often difficult to select and implement automation in environments where the only constant is change. The ideal material handling automation solution optimizes multiple accounts, diverse products, unique requirements and fluctuating order volumes.


Whether using a single light-directed automation product or multiple solutions for an integrated fulfillment system, properly engineered technologies simplify complex 3PL and 3PF operations and reduce associated costs. Standalone or integrated combinations of pick-to-light, put-to-lightbatch picking carts, light sleds, mobile light frames and others optimize a variety of processes including:

Leading 3PLs use Lightning Pick technologies in one fulfillment center or across multiple facilities in their network to provide their customers with best-in-class order fulfillment services.

Photo courtesy of Capacity LLC

Rapid Results

  • Support of multiple product lines and customers with a single, common hardware set.
  • Freedom to move automation where needed as shifting product demands dictate.
  • Hardware modularity allows for incremental expansions.
  • Capacity gains support current and future growth projections.
  • Easy to train new employees for faster productivity.
  • Segregation of cart-based batch picking by product lines or clients to optimize travel paths.
  • Lot capture and verification for food and beverage handling, pedigree tracking for medical and pharmaceutical applications, and more.
  • Dynamic location re-configuration for easy switching between different customer lines in the same rack, shelving or other storage media.
  • Integration with, or management of, complementary automation such as container routing, print-and-apply labeling, weigh stations, quality control (QC) workstations.

LP Case Study: Custom Marketing Services

Custom Marketing Services (CMS) is one of the leading third-party logistics companies in the Southeast. CMS worked with a direct selling provider of home décor and entertainment products. When the customer experienced a rapid surge in growth, CMS needed to quickly add capacity to maintain top order fulfillment service levels.

Talk to a 3PL Solutions Expert

Many 3PLs are adopting material handling automation to meet rising volumes of small, low unit count orders, with next-day or same-day service expectations.

Properly engineered light-directed picking solutions, supported by the right software, provide tremendous flexibility to 3PLs and 3PFs. Lightning Pick has proven third-party expertise optimizing diverse product stock keeping units (SKUs), multiple accounts, unique requirements, seasonality spikes and fluctuating order volumes. Contact Lightning Pick today to learn about 3PL systems we’ve delivered in your industry, and discuss your unique application requirements.

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