Print-and-Apply Labeling.

Print and apply labeling application

Flexible and reliable labeling of shipping containers.

The Lightning Pick order fulfillment suite includes a number of features that allow order-specific labels to be printed and applied to shipping containers.

Lightning Pick Print-and-apply Labeling

Easily Add Any Data.

The optional label generator software allows specific formats to be created using a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) label designer. Data printed on the label can include any information sent from the host, including pick-specific information (such as picker ID).

Lightning Pick Print and Apply Labeling

High Print Rates, Anywhere.

Labels may be generated at the beginning of the process to start the picking, or at the end as part of a pack-out step. For high performance and unattended operations, Lightning Pick can integrate automatic printer applicators that run at rates of more than 60 cartons/minute.

Automated Compliance.

Lightning Pick can also assist in special labeling applications, such as Walmart’s direct store delivery consolidation (DSDC) shipments and RFID-compliant labeling. Your Lightning Pick technologies sales engineer can provide more details on specific solutions upon request.

Lightning Pick Pickman

Special Features

  • Turnkey label compliance solutions that meet a wide array of required standards.
  • Integration experience with multiple hardware types and providers.
  • Data supplied by the pick system and/or other systems.
  • Synchronization with the pick system drives precise order or customer data.
  • Supports advanced, on-demand, branding-per-order print applications.

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