Cisco-Eagle Features 10 Ways to Analyze Your Operation for Pick-to-Light

Lightning Pick's partner, Cisco-Eagle's logo

Read our partner, Cisco-Eagle’s article on how to successfully implement light-directed picking in your operation:

“Light-directed picking is the heavyweight champion when it comes to productivity gains, order picking speed, increased accuracy, and ease of operator development.

Because it’s 100% hands free and requires no headpiece, it’s also highly flexible for many challenging fulfillment operations. We’ve compiled ten ways to analyze your operation to determine if these systems would be a fit for you. Obviously, more specific information will be needed, but this should get you started.

We spoke with Lightning Pick’s Dave Broadfoot about the best ways to ensure you are making a good pick to light decision.” – Cisco-Eagle excerpt

Read Full Article: “10 Tips: Pick-to-Light Systems for Order Fulfillment”

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