Watch-Me Zoneless Pick-to-Light Devices.

Zoneless Pick-to-Light

Track picker productivity without zone assignments.

Lightning Pick’s exclusive Watch-Me wearable devices, coupled with our Pick-MAX light modules (both formerly by IPTI), track specific picker productivity without the need to login or remain in assigned zones.

Lightning Pick Zoneless pick-to-light

Individual Picker Productivity Tracking.

Each Watch-Me device has a unique ID assigned through the control software. By tracking every pick to an individual person, picker accountability is guaranteed, productivity is greatly increased, and errors are dramatically reduced.

Zoneless Pick-to-Light

Zoneless Pick-to-Light Mode.

Watch-Me devices allow pick-to-light systems to operate in a zoneless mode, so that any picker can pick from any location in the system. By supporting bucket brigade picking, pickers can freely move to wherever there’s work on the pick line, and are enabled to pick from any location. This approach eliminates bottlenecks, SKU profiling and line balancing to equalize work — resulting in 20-50% pick rate increases over zone-based picking systems.

Helps Reduce Non-Picking Activities.

Watch-Me devices help drive complete picking solutions, such as LP Zone Free. LP Zone Free eliminates non-picking activities (like carton handling and scanning) that can monopolize 40-70% of an order picker’s daily activity.  Pickers are empowered to travel to any area where picks are required, keeping  them productive, always. Lightning Pick solutions like LP Zone Free may use lights on both gravity flow rack or shelving and the conveyor — along with Watch-Me — to precisely coordinate picks, ensuring they are made to the correct active order carton.

Lightning Pick Pickman

Special Features

  • Exclusive, patented wearable device for zone-free order picker productivity tracking.
  • Provides real-time pick statistics and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Pickers can move wherever there’s work remaining for an order batch or wave; they aren’t restricted to specific zones or areas.
  • Supports zoneless picking modes in systems such as LP Zone Free.
  • Can increase productivity by 20-50% over zone-based picking methodologies.

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