illuminating omnichannel - light modules of pick-to-light system

LP Pick

LP Pick offers broken case quantity picking configurations that maximize picking efficiency for high-velocity SKUs, in a relatively dense warehouse footprint.


LP Pack

LP Pack is ideal for retail store replenishment order fulfillment. It also optimizes cross-docking operations, where a percentage of full case quantities are broken down to store level cartons.


LP Put

LP Put is a highly effective batch-picked, mixed-SKU sortation solution for e-commerce and other direct-to-consumer order fulfillment operations.


LP Carts

LP Carts are a dynamic light-directed solution to optimize batch picking operations by reducing walk time, improving pick rates and increasing order accuracy.


LP Zone Free

LP Zone Free is an automated, box-to-picker solution empowering pickers to achieve higher performance picking by eliminating scanning, excessive box handling and other non-picking related activities.


LP Light Sleds

LP Light Sleds cluster feature allows users to build a group of orders and assign them to a sled, which has light modules attached— maximizing efficiency and accuracy in cluster picking of multiple orders simultaneously.

Seamless Omnichannel

Matthews Lightning Pick is the leading provider of Pick-to-Light, Put-to-Light, Automated Picking Carts and other paperless technologies for order picking, kitting, assembly and sortation systems. Top brands worldwide use our proven solutions to increase productivity and accuracy for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer fulfillment, retail store replenishment, manufacturing and more.

We provide a wide variety of integrated, complementary technologies to automate your high-performance omnichannel order fulfillment operations.


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