High-Speed Sortation

The Ultra-Fast Small-Parts Sortation System

The Wind Sorter is a unique small-parts sortation system that uses air to label and divert product at incredible rates of speed. The Wind Sorter is the fastest sorter in its class, sorting over 300 parts per minute.

High-Speed Sortation Process

The Wind Sorter is designed for processing a wide variety of small products, such as CDs, DVDs, sleeved videos, clamshell videos and audio cassettes.

Wind Sorter Induction


The system features a single infeed operator product staging method at the automatic induction point, far faster than the slower “pick and turn” method.

Barcode Reader

Bar Code Reader Array

A Bar Code Reader Array is capable of reading bar codes from five different sides for read rates of approximately 100%. Strategically placed bar code readers mean no special orientation is needed for returns or putaway-sortation.

Print and Apply Label on CDs

Print & Apply

A high-speed label applicator accurately applies the label, while an opposing force of air holds the product in place. Our unique method eliminates mechanical devices and avoids downtime for thickness adjustments. Quickly apply a variety of labels including security labels, one and two dimensional bar code labels, coupons and regional and store price labeling, among others.

Lightning Pick Wind Diverts

Wind Diverts

Before descending into containers (including cartons, bins or vertical stackers), the wind-diverted product is gently slowed by high-density impact curtains for safe handling.

Lightning Pick Pickman


  • Order fulfillment
  • eCommerce fulfillment
  • Returns processing
  • Pre-pack generation
  • Put-away-sort
  • Collation

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