Pick-MAX Support.

Lightning Pick Pick-MAX (formerly IPTI) Product Support and Service

Phone Support

Normal Business Hours (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday)

1.262.567.6525, ext. 387

Designated solely for 24/7 maintenance service calls.

The customer dials 1.262.567.6525, ext. 387. The caller is asked for their name and their company name.

Lightning Pick’s phone operator has a list of all maintenance contracts, including the names of the engineers assigned to those contracts. The operator will contact the primary or secondary engineer to take the call; or, if necessary, takes down the information and contacts the engineer. If the contract’s assigned primary and secondary engineers are unavailable, another Lightning Pick engineer will take the call. The customer should receive service within 15 minutes.

Non-Business Hours, Weekends and Holidays

1.262.567.6525, ext. 387

Outside business hours, the customer dials 1.262.567.6525, ext. 387, which is answered by Lightning Pick’s answering service.

The answering service has a computerized list of all Lightning Pick customers and the engineers assigned to those contracts, their cell phone numbers and home phone numbers.

The primary engineer is called first. If the engineer does not answer his cell phone, the answering service will leave a voice mail and immediately call the engineer’s home phone. If the engineer does not answer, the answering service leaves a message. After waiting 5 minutes, if there is no callback from the primary engineer, the service then calls the secondary engineer’s cell phone. If he doesn’t answer, the service will leave a message and then immediately call the home phone. If the secondary engineer can’t be reached at his home phone, the answering service will leave a message, again wait 5 minutes for a callback, and then call the project manager’s cell phone and home phone. Finally, if there is no response from the project manager, the service will begin trying to contact one of Lightning Pick’s maintenance engineers until an engineer is reached. The customer should receive service within 15 minutes.

► Questions?

We’ll be happy to walk you through the procedure and answer any questions. Please call 262.250.2100, dial 0 and ask for Customer Service, or email [email protected].

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