For more than 30 years and across 500 installations worldwide, Lightning Pick has delivered advanced light-directed technologies on time, on budget, every time. Our best-in-class pick-to-light, put-to-light, pack-to-light, pick carts and other solutions optimize material handling processes — from manufacturing through order fulfillment. Today, we’re the number one provider of light-directed solutions in North America, providing our customers increased productivity, higher quality and improved process efficiency.

Lightning Pick MW Series Pick-to-Light System

Best-in-Class Light-Directed Solutions.

Lightning Pick delivers proven, light-directed technologies and complementary order fulfillment execution systems that match any installation size, material handling process and unique application requirements. Find out more about our fulfillment and manufacturing solutions.

Pick line with pick-to-light.

Optimizing Order Fulfillment Operations.

Transform labor intensive, error-prone and costly order picking tasks into streamlined, high-performance operations. How? With light-directed solutions that deliver top level productivity, accuracy, capacity and throughput. Learn how state-of-the-art technologies maximize your competitive advantage by improving key business processes and customer service.

Split-case picking with a pick-by-light system.

See Lightning Pick Solutions at Work.

Since 1997, we’ve engineered productivity-boosting systems for many top brands, worldwide. If you’re seeking solution ideas related to your unique application requirements, access our Media Center for videos, case studies, white papers, brochures, data sheets and more.

Pick-to-Light for Order Fulfillment

Piece Picking Solutions

Light-directed pick automation maximizes fulfillment speed and accuracy.

Pick-to-Light: Order Fulfillment
► Pick-to-Light: Order Fulfillment
Laser fast and accurate piece picking solution.
Pick-to-Light for Manufacturing

Manufacturing Solutions

Error-proof parts picking, kitting and assembly processes with light-directed technologies.

Pick-to-Light: Manufacturing
► Pick-to-Light: Manufacturing
High-quality parts picking, kitting and assembly.

E-commerce Order Sortation

Sort batch-picked totes of mixed SKU merchandise into individual, direct-to-consumer orders.

►  Put-to-Light
Light-directed e-commerce order sortation.

Retail Store Replenishment

Sort full cases of merchandise into store replenishment cartons with greater througput.

►  Pack-to-Light
Retail store replenishment solution.
Picking Carts

Batch Picking Solutions

Lightning Pick's patented Perpetual Pick technology optimizes batch picking with lights, RF and tablet direction.

Picking Carts
►  Picking Carts
Mobile, light-directed batch picking cart systems.
Light-directed cluster picking.

Cluster Picking Solution

Light-directed, conveyor based sleds maximize cluster picking efficiency.

LP Light Sled
►  LP Light Sled
Light-directed cluster picking technology.
Bucket brigade picking

Zoneless Pick-to-Light

Lights on racks and conveyor with tightly integrated MDR controls enable zoneless, scan-free pick-to-light.

LP Zone Free
►  LP Zone Free
Zone- and scan-free bucket brigade picking.
Complementary Applications

Complementary Technologies

Print-and-apply, container routing, order finishing systems and more end-to-end order fulfillment automation.

Complementary Applications
►  Complementary Applications
Additional technologies for complete, automated order fulfillment execution.


  • E-commerce order fulfillment
  • Retail store order replenishment
  • Returns processing
  • Secondary batch pick sortation
  • Kitting
  • Putaway
  • Order consolidation
  • Track & trace validation
  • Error proofing
  • Parts picking
  • Kanban assembly
  • Line sequencing
  • Build-to-order

Key Industries

  • Direct marketing
  • Computers & electronics
  • Retail
  • Health & beauty
  • E-commerce & catalog
  • Music, book & media publishing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Vitamins & neutraceuticals
  • Automotive
  • Cosmetics & beauty
  • Third-party logistics and fulfillment (3PLs)
  • Liquor distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Grocery & convenience
eBay uses Lightning Pick put-to-light stations.

New Article

Modern Materials Handling‘s July cover story: eBay Enterprise’s Kentucky e-commerce fulfillment center maximizes sortation speed with Lightning Pick put-to-light stations.

Build2Light operator using pick-to-light for assembly.

New Website

Build2Light is a complete light-directed solution engineered to error-proof parts picking, kitting, assembly, sequencing and other material handling operations in production environments. Visit the new to learn more and see it in action.

Download the new LP Put brochure.

New Brochure

Learn more about Lightning Pick’s put-to-light process, hardware, software, applications and advantages.

The Bon-Ton Stores use LP Put. 

New Article

Retail Merchandiser covers The Bon-Ton Stores’ new direct-to-consumer fulfillment center, which added enhanced speed and accuracy via put-to-light solutions from Lightning Pick.


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